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Brad Davis Success Story

Brad Davis, AIPT Graduate

"You only get one shot at life – do not miss your opportunity to live your dream job every day."

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Brad, and I am a gym owner of BDPT Basement Gym in Mandurah (WA), Coach of my team of seven trainers, and a business coach for Trainer HQ, where I assist and guide 40+ fitness professionals around Australia and America – into successful fitness businesses. I started a career in fitness to follow my passion, being a trader for 10+ years taught me a lot, but I always knew it was not my passion!

I got qualified as a personal trainer back in 2014. Since then, I have created a team of seven coaches and own my own facility. Moreover, I coach over 40+ fitness professionals in Australia and America to develop and maintain successful fitness businesses. I was also fortunate enough to take out the Entrepreneur of the year 2018 for Trainer HQ, an Australian-wide company with some of the most successful fitness coaches.

Throughout my journey, I have grown as a person and continue to learn every day. I am extremely thankful for the foundation I built with AIPT. It ensured I created a super solid foundation and allowed me to build a successful fitness business which I have loved every step of the way!

What made you decide to pursue a career in fitness?

You only get one shot at life, and with my one shot, I decided to have my dream job day in day out. I was always interested in sports and fitness growing up – my passion only grew the older I got.

What course did you study? Which gym did you have your Face-to-Face practical assessments? 

I studied Certificate III and IV in fitness, and I was in the 2014 class at Cottesloe Goodlife Health Club (WA).

Why did you choose to study with AIPT? 

I looked around all the fitness colleges when I was looking to start, and AIPT presented me with the best option that suited my lifestyle!

What is your favourite part of your job?

To watch my coaches grow their business and grow as a more confident and happier version of themselves. Also, knowing that we are helping hundreds of people achieve their ultimate health and fitness success.

Why did you partner with AIPT?

I am passionate about giving back to an industry that has given me so much! I present for fitness colleges around Perth to assist upcoming fitness professionals as much as I can – and I love every second of it.

What would you say to people who are considering taking the leap into a career in fitness?

You only get one shot at life – do not miss your opportunity to live your dream job every day.


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