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Kirri Brazensale's success story | AIPT

Kirri Brazensale, AIPT Fitness Graduate 

“I remember feeling so good, I pulled her out of the pram and hugged her so tight, feeling so much love"

The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT) Mentor and ambassador for Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia Hobart Centre of Excellence Educator, Kirri Brazensale, knows first-hand the positive impact exercise can have in the treatment of anxiety and mental health. Her near death experience during childbirth and subsequent pre and post-natal depression, led to her own Personal Training business, Military Mumma.

Built on the philosophy that a strong mind is the foundation for a strong body and a burning desire to spread kindness and positive thinking around Tasmania, Kirri believes in building women up so they can realise their full potential.

Kirri is one of few Personal Trainers that understand the dynamics of antenatal and postnatal depression and how exercise can lift moods, release natural chemicals in the brain, improve sleep patterns to boost energy levels and help people feel less alone when exercising with others.

In 2010 Kirri was a weight obsessed-party animal, smoking a packet a day and calorie counted everything. Failing a military fitness test was the start of her weight loss journey.

Two years later at 56 kilograms and at 169cm, she was preparing for a military deployment when she fainted. She soon learnt she was 12 weeks pregnant. She was told to change her lifestyle and put on weight or risk losing her baby.

It was a pregnancy full of emotional turmoil. Kirri managed to get through her pregnancy and on the day of her daughter’s caesarean birth, all she recalls is the medical staff delivering her child and saying she wasn’t breathing. She woke in the Intensive Care Unit having experienced complications including a 38 inch stitch wrapped around her uterus.

In the months that followed, Kirri fell into a deep pit of postnatal depression.

Kirri soon decided she was “tired of being tired,” put her daughter Addison in the pram and went for a run.

“I remember feeling so good, I pulled her out of the pram and hugged her so tight, feeling so much love,” she said.

After completing the Complete Personal Trainer^ with AIPT, Kirri is now a qualified Personal Trainer and in complete control of her life, with a rare understanding of what it’s like to get back into fitness after going through a less motivated time, particularly during child birth and post pregnancy.

With the knowledge and experienced she gained, Kirri assesses each client’s mental strength and uses exercise as the tool to improve the mind’s well-being.

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