Alex Ross

AIPT Mentor

Dernancourt SA

About Alex.

Hi, I'm Alex, a Personal Trainer at Goodlife Health Clubs Dernancourt.

I have five years of fitness industry experience and have been partnered with AIPT as a Mentor for almost two years.

I have a keen interest in sports physiotherapy and have experience working closely with semi-pro athletes. My training style is focused on a mixture of strength, hypertrophy, and a large emphasis on stretching and flexibility training.

What inspired you to get into the Fitness Industry?

I was a competitive swimmer throughout high school and was inspired to buy a home gym setup to maintain my fitness after hanging up the towel. Due to my strong passion for human anatomy and biomechanics, I completed my Physiotherapy and Personal Training qualifications.

I quickly realised how simple it was to build a strong and resilient body and wanted to share this knowledge with my clients.

What do you love about your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is assisting my clients to achieve both their physical and mental goals; enabling them to achieve feats they could only dream of is incredibly rewarding.

To those just beginning their fitness journey, learn to fall in love with the journey and not the outcome. Break up your larger goals into smaller ones, and slowly build consistency until you reach them.

Why did you partner with AIPT?

I undertook my PT studies with AIPT and thoroughly enjoyed the course content. At its conclusion, I was equipped with the necessary skills to begin my journey as a successful PT, and I wanted to share my knowledge with future fitness professionals.

The support and motivation I received throughout my studies helped facilitate this.

Alex's Details:

Certificate IV in Fitness.

Fast-Track Personal Training Course.

Complete Personal Training Course.

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"Fall in love with the journey."

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