Andrew Sheridan

Andrew Sheridan

AIPT Mentor

Madeley WA

About Andrew.

Hi, I'm Andrew, the Personal Training Manager at Goodlife Health Clubs Kingsway, with seventeen years of experience. I have recently added being an AIPT Mentor to my responsibilities.

I love keeping up with my two young kids (that's some endurance cardio right there), early morning walks with my dog and the Big Lifts in the gym.

What inspired you to get into the Fitness Industry?

I had a huge passion for fitness, personal development, and healthy eating, and I wanted to start a business where I could help others while claiming all the things I wanted to learn and study as a tax deduction. Be a PT.

I was already training my friends and had been into sports (rowing, swimming, cross country) since I was young, so it seemed like the stars aligned, and I haven’t stopped learning since.

What do you love about your job?

Seeing those moments in a client or fellow PT’s eyes when all of a sudden, that little piece of information or hearing the same thing just explain that bit differently, that tiny 1% of a change awakens this sleeping giant inside them. Their entire life is heading towards a future they’ve always desired, but it’s no longer a dream but a reality. Those are the best days.

Why did you partner with AIPT?

I wanted to help aspiring PTs understand the reality of the industry and give them an edge at the beginning of their careers in the fitness industry so they can have a greater chance at helping more people and have a long and prosperous career as a personal trainer.

Andrew's Details

Certificate IV in Fitness.

Fast-Track Personal Training Course.

Complete Personal Training Course.

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If you love feeling healthy and energetic, want to show others how to create that energy and vitality themselves and have a strong calling to serve others… then it doesn’t matter how “smart” or “good-looking” you are; you’ll find a way to change people’s lives. And because of that… you will.

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