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Helen Le

AIPT Mentor

Melbourne VIC

About Helen.

I have been proudly working in the fitness industry for seven years. and am a part-time PT mentor, an AIPT facilitator based in Melbourne and a full-time business owner of Strength Xcel, a fitness and nutrition program created to help clients become their healthiest and strongest selves.

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What inspired you to get into the fitness industry?

I was overweight and a lethargic teenager. I made the decision to embark on a weight-loss journey to better her health in the long run. The moment I witnessed the incredible results she’d achieved and the confidence I’d built, I knew I wanted to help others accomplish the same thing and feel just as empowered as I did. It became my purpose to serve others on their health and fitness journey by using the skills and knowledge she’d gained from her own experience.

What do you love about your job?

It’s the celebratory moments I love the most, both big and small. I enjoy being able to pick apart movements and help her clients better understand and connect with their bodies. The moment I feels like I have truly helped someone on their journey is when all the learning falls into place and my client begins to build the confidence that leads them to achieve their personal best. I believe it’s all about empowering and educating people with the right tools. I help my students and clients learn through the mistakes I made and guide them to long-term success.

Helen's Details

Certificate IV in Fitness.

Complete Personal Trainer^ Program.

Mentors at
Fitness First QV Platinum

Corner of Lonsdale and Russell Streets

Melbourne VIC 3000


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