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Pathways to University

Your stepping stone to a university education

At the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT), we believe education should be a life-long journey. This is why we have established partnerships with some of Australia’s leading universities to ensure students have access to continuing education once graduating from an AIPT certificate or diploma course.

The articulation agreements we have in place mean students can progress from a nationally recognised Diploma to a Bachelor’s degree, using our Credit Transfer Agreements. This can guarantee entry, minimises the time and cost of a university education, and in some cases, students can gain a credit towards their entire first year of university.


How it works

After completing your Diploma, most Australian universities will offer you the chance to apply for a credit transfer, meaning you can reduce the amount of time spent studying at university.  While these applications aren’t always granted, the amount of credit you’ll receive differs for each university.

To make things easier for you, the Credit Transfer Agreements we have in place with have with our partner universities guarantees you entry. Our Diploma of Fitness or Diploma of Business graduates will be granted enrolment into university, while attaining automatic credit for up to one year of your Bachelor’s degree.


Benefits to completing a Diploma with AIPT before commencing a university degree include:

  • Getting a second chance at entry into university, if you didn’t get the initial score to begin with
  • Working in the fitness industry by attaining your Diploma qualification, whilst completing your university degree
  • Using a Diploma qualification as a stepping stone into University, with the knowledge that you may attain credits for your studies
  • Undertaking a Diploma course as an easy return to study, before investing in a University degree
  • Learning practical skills that will assist in university studies

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