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AIPT Reviews & Student Success Stories

At the Australian Institute of Personal trainers, we’re all about creating real graduate outcomes. That means equipping our students with the job-ready skills needed to enter and excel in the fitness industry. We achieve this by delivering courses in real gyms, where you’ll learn from real fitness professionals and have the chance to discover employment opportunities right after graduation.

But don’t take our word for it. Read the AIPT reviews below to see what AIPT students and graduates have to say about their experience. These past student success stories provide great examples of where your AIPT course could take you.

Daisy Debenham, AIPT Graduate

"I think it is a great experience and if you enjoy training/fitness, whether you end up doing something in the field or not, it is great information and knowledge to have!"

Read Daisy's AIPT review


Ruby Lewis, AIPT Graduate

"Just take that first step and enrol! You’re always one decision away from a totally different life, and a career in the fitness industry is so rewarding."

Read Ruby's AIPT success story


Josef Milano, AIPT Graduate

"Don’t hesitate! A fitness career will not only assist in keeping yourself fit and healthy, but the real reward is being able to motivate others to challenge and improve their own health and smash their goals!"

Read Josef's AIPT success story


Alyce Gibson, AIPT Graduate

"If it is something you are interested in, then why not leap. Life is too short not to do something that you love!"

Read Alyce's AIPT success story


Evelyn Bailey, AIPT Graduate

"It is a very competitive field, but don’t let anyone or anything put you off following your dreams. Be persistent and consistent. Success is not built overnight, so don’t give up and follow your dreams."

Read Evelyn's AIPT success story


Paige Haydon, AIPT Graduate

"I’m the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to never give up on yourself and trust that you will get to where you need to be."

Read Paige's AIPT success story


Jack Hayward, AIPT Graduate

"I wanted to help people gain confidence back in their body both physically and mentally to ensure they can function every day and live life to the fullest."

Read Jack's AIPT success story


Trisha Lindgren, AIPT Graduate

"In all honesty, my journey has taught me that anything is possible, so who knows where it could lead me! The world is truly my oyster."

Read Trisha's AIPT success story


Emily Rayner, AIPT Graduate

"You get always to be learning and growing yourself. I have always been passionate about creating a change in people’s lives, and seeing someone make progress, no matter how big, or small always brings a smile to my face!"

Read Emily's AIPT success story


Jessica Brand, AIPT Graduate

"The gym became my place where I could put in my headphones and zone out. It’s my form of meditation!"

Read Jessica's AIPT review


Giulia Sepe, AIPT Graduate

"I now understand the importance of listening to your body, exercising regularly to keep your muscles and bones strong and healthy, and the importance of staying physically and mentally strong. I hope to utilise these lessons with my future clients to help them reach their personal health and fitness goals."

Read Giulia's AIPT review


Ashlee Branz, AIPT Graduate and Mentor

"It’s more than a career, it’s an entire lifestyle, and it’s something you can share with not just your clients but your partner, your kids and your entire community."

Read Ashlee's AIPT success story


Amy Marshall, AIPT Graduate

"Motivating others and watching them walk out of that group fitness room with smiles on their faces is so amazing because not only have you given them a great workout, but you have also made them happy whilst doing it!"

Read Amy's AIPT success story


Vanessa Panella, AIPT Graduate

"Pursuing my dream has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Within only a few months of launching my business, I have had so many wins, and financially I am benefiting the same, if not better, as I was in my past few senior management positions."

Read Vanessa's AIPT review


Kyle McGiveron, AIPT Graduate

"Go for it! If you are someone who loves helping others, has a strong passion for the fitness industry, and wants to help educate individuals to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life, then this is the perfect opportunity for you!"

Read Kyle's AIPT review


Brad Davis, AIPT Graduate and Mentor

"You only get one shot at life – do not miss your opportunity to live your dream job every day. AIPT shares the same values as me in terms of supporting, guiding and educating fitness professionals. To not only be the best possible version of yourself but most importantly, to maximise your enjoyment of the journey"

Read Brad's AIPT success story


Leanne Thomas, AIPT Graduate

"When it comes to clients, it’s so important to listen and check-in with them constantly so that you can ensure your programming is both enjoyable and challenging for them."

Read Leanne's AIPT success story


Jason Chen, AIPT Graduate

"If you are passionate about fitness, do it!"

Read Jason's AIPT review


Karrisha Baines, AIPT Graduate

"Health and wellness will not only change your life but of those around you. Fitness is not only a physical achievement but also enables you to strengthen mental health."

Read Karrisha's AIPT review


Adrian Van Rensburg, AIPT Graduate

"Just get it done. If you are thinking about doing it then take the leap. In a year you either going to have your qualifications or not and if not, you still going to be thinking about it."

Read Adrian's AIPT success story


Teressa Fisk, AIPT Graduate

"Having a career in fitness doesn’t necessarily mean you are limited to a personal trainer. It means you can have a broader knowledge of our bodies and health, which then can translate into so many other avenues such as corporate health, disability support, aged care and even mental health."

Read Teressa's AIPT success story


Kirsti Jones-Healy, AIPT Graduate

"If you love fitness, find out your why and what area of expertise you want to go into. I would recommend working in a gym, whether it's in sales, personal training, cleaning, promo work, just get involved. Every day we had the opportunity to change someone's life, make it count."

Read Kirsti's AIPT success story


Jacob Ewen, AIPT Graduate

"It's pretty awesome when you see people take your advice and get results or thank you for helping them with any fitness related things. It is one of those things where if you're interested in how things work you'll just study out of general interest and keep your knowledge up without even realising."

Read Jacob's AIPT review


Alana Coomer, AIPT Graduate

"If you have a genuine love for helping people and are passionate about health and fitness, this career path will be extremely rewarding. There are people out there just waiting for someone like you to help transform their lives, and there is no better feeling than that!"

Read Alana's AIPT review


Kamila De Almeida Ferrao, AIPT Graduate

"Do it, but only if you love what you do. Being a personal trainer requires passion. That way, you can make people feel what you feel, and that's when the magic happens. Motivate people from the heart."

Read Kamila's AIPT student success story


Dylan Garbutt, AIPT Graduate

"A career in fitness will allow you to meet and interact with some amazing people of all different backgrounds, and it’s incredibly rewarding, adding value and helping other people achieve their fitness goals".

Read Dylan's AIPT student success story


Anna Rawlinson, AIPT Graduate

"Be a sponge and learn as much as you can. Take as many courses and absorb all the information".

Read Anna's AIPT review


Kyle Grossberg, AIPT Graduate

"If that is something that you are interested in there is no harm in giving it a go and seeing what becomes of it!".

Read Kyle's AIPT student success story


Chris Brown, AIPT Graduate

"Give it a go and enjoy the ride; it will get you started in the future to become a Personal Trainer".

Read Chris' AIPT review


Abhimanyu Bhargava, AIPT Graduate

"There is nothing more gratifying than helping someone improve their health and overall confidence".

Read Abhimanyu's AIPT student success story


Tegan Barton, AIPT Graduate

"It is such a rewarding industry to be part of, if you are already thinking about it, then do it. You have nothing to lose!".

Read Tegan's AIPT review 


Ella Fitzpatrick, AIPT Graduate

"Just do it! It is one of the best jobs where you can get know many different kinds of people, help inspire people to better themselves and use your knowledge to educate other people about their training".

Read Ella's AIPT student success story 


Patrick Logaraj, AIPT Graduate

"Stay hungry and go after it. Learning fitness is not like other careers, you stay happy throughout because if you love anything fitness related, you will maintain longevity in the fitness realm and prosper".

Read Patrick's AIPT student success story 


Amanda Carter, AIPT Graduate

"I want to help as many people as possible feel the physical and mental changes from training and give them the tools to change their lifestyle".

Read Amanda's AIPT review 


Jarred McDonnell, AIPT Graduate

"As for the future I plan to continue to enhance my skills through further learning and by trying to become the best personal trainer and teacher I possibly can".

Read Jarred's AIPT review 


Lorenzo Lucarelli, AIPT Graduate

"After completing a 12 weeks challenge, I was feeling so confident and proud of who I was. Happy to take my shirt off and look myself in the mirror and not ashamed to take a selfie and post it on socials. Today all I can say is thank you".

Read Lorenzo's AIPT review 


Eleisha Murray, AIPT Graduate

"A career in Fitness is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs out there, and the learning never stops! Great things don't happen when you stay in your comfort zone."

Read Eleisha's AIPT student success story 


Cordelia Gibbs, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate

"Having developed a good support network while studying and training at Goodlife, I have signed on with them for this year. I am in my build-up phase and will be operating my own PT business out of Goodlife Camberwell for 2020."

Read Cordelia's AIPT review 


Adam Cannella, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate

“I liked the idea of going into a real gym and learning rather than sitting in a boring classroom. I liked that the course offered a mix of online and in-person learning."

Read Adam's student success story


Karen Wilson, Certificate IV Graduate

"I would always see AIPT advertised in my gym/s at Goodlife Health Clubs. You know how you just get those signs to do something… Well AIPT was everywhere I looked. So I made the decision to call up. AIPT has been fantastic, SO supportive from start to finish!"

Read Karen's AIPT review 


Helen Evans, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate

“My plans are to work with Baby Boomers (mature adults) to show them that it is not difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, anybody can do it."

Read Helen's student success story


Trisha Lindgren, Complete Personal Trainer Student

“The course content aligned with what I wanted to learn, and the flexibility of the online course made it possible for me to complete it … AIPT has opened doors for me which I never thought were possible."

Read Trisha's AIPT review 


Nathan Ryles, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate 

“The course allowed me to do a lot of online study during the week and complete all my practical assignments over the weekends. For me, it was all about that convenience!

Read Nathan's student success story


Teegan Jarratt, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate 

"The platform for learning AIPT provided was user-friendly, simple to use and gave you all the necessary resources you needed to complete the assignments. I enjoyed face-to-face sessions with Jeff (AIPT Ipswich Campus Director) a lot … I can’t wait to start my new career very soon."

Read Teegan's AIPT review


Tiarna Cupello, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate and Business Diploma student

“I enrolled in the Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers and now, 12 months later, I am running outdoor boot camp sessions and working as my own personal trainer … I love being my own boss.

Read Tiarna's student success story


Paul Hooper, AIPT Facilitator

Students get to do everything a personal trainer would do … I love being able to prepare my students for their own success.”

Read Paul's AIPT review


Vanessa Buckley, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate

“I now have a thriving PT business where I train up to 60 clients a week … my story is proof that anything is possible.

Read Vanessa's inspirational story


Kate Fitzsimons, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate 

“Any question I had along the way, they'd be there to answer it. This made me feel like I wasn't just one of many students, but that I mattered – something I think that makes AIPT unique.”

Read Kate's AIPT review


Kirri Brazendale, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate and AIPT Hobart Mentor

“I remember feeling so good, I pulled her out of the pram and hugged her so tight, feeling so much love.”

Read Kirri's inspirational story


Donna Maxwell, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate

“I loved every minute of the course, gaining the knowledge and experience to a great career, and I met some great people along the way … I am now doing a job I love.”

Read Donna's student success story


Cherina Grey, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate

“The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers has a very comprehensive course, covering a wide number of topics very relevant to being properly equipped for the fitness industry … I would never have imagined having this qualification at this stage in my life.”

Read Cherina's AIPT review


Joel Pengelly, SIS40210 Certificate IV in Fitness and BSB50215 Diploma of Business Graduate

“I wouldn’t have the skills and knowledge I have today if not for the great training and support provided from AIPT.”

Read Joel's journey and AIPT review


Heather Dillon, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate

“The course was easy to follow, as well as convenient by being able to do a lot of it online as well as workshops … By the end of my course I was offered a job … I would definitely recommend taking the leap and to do your course through AIPT, I’ve not looked back since.”

Read Heather's AIPT review


Marieke Schemkes, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate

“AIPT gave me the tools, knowledge, support and practical experience to help people change their lives so they too become more confident, stronger, happier and are truly amazed by what their bodies and minds can achieve – everything.”

Read Markieke's AIPT review


Brendan Mann, Complete Personal Trainer Graduate

“The day that I got the email to say I had passed my course, Sean Weir Fitness was advertising for a new Personal Trainer. I applied for the job and had an interview the next day … I am so happy to be doing a job that I love and look forward to going to work every day.”

Read Brendan's student success story


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