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Success Story

Heather Dillon, AIPT Fitness Graduate

"Fitness should not be your destination, it should be your WAY of life"

"There are not a lot of jobs where you can go on a journey with a client to reach their goals and potential and get just as excited for them when they reach them. The risk for me leaving my retail career, which I had for 19 years (in different fields) was the unfamiliar aspect of doing something different and I’m so very glad I did.

"Being a member of gyms for 12 years, I decided to put my passion for fitness to good use and wanted to share my knowledge with others to help them be able to feel great about themselves through lifestyle choices. My motto being 'Fitness should not be your destination, it should be your WAY of life.'

"I did my course through AIPT and Goodlife. The course was easy to follow, as well as convenient by being able to do a lot of it online as well as workshops at Goodlife. All the staff were always on hand if you had any questions. The practical aspect was also great so you could actively use your knowledge. By the end of my course I was offered a job at Goodlife Chermside and the opportunities are endless depending on where you would like to take your career. I would definitely recommend taking the leap and to do your course through AIPT, I’ve not looked back since.”

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