26 Jun 2017

5 Minutes with a Just-Qualified Personal Trainer

Student Success Story

Weighing up a career in personal training? This week’s blog might just push you over the line.     

We spent five minutes chatting to a single mum who broke into PT and is smashing career (and parenting) goals since.    

Parenting is a juggling act at times, but 32-year-old Shannon Fraser said a Certificate IV in Fitness has given her the platform and the flexibility to pursue her passion.  Now she’s carving out a career in fitness whilst completing a diploma in nutrition to achieve her ultimate pursuit.

We spent five minutes chatting to the Brisbane-based mum of Harlie-Rose. 

Firstly, well done on completing a Certificate IV in Fitness! How do you feel?  

Completely exhilarated… a few years back I wouldn’t have imagined where I am today, but I found a passion that stuck and turned it into a career through AIPT.  I am now working for myself as a personal trainer and studying to add nutrition to my skill set.

What made you decide to pursue a career in fitness?

In 2013 my fitness journey was sparked by a lifestyle change and I couldn’t get enough.  There were two reasons why I pursued a career in fitness; firstly I enjoy feeling fit and strong and seeing people feel likewise.  Translating fitness into a career was the next step.  Secondly, I wanted flexible work hours instead of a rigid 9-5 job so I could spend more time looking after my daughter.  I combined these two aspects to create a career I love.  When I was completing my certification, I would get friends asking what I was doing and telling me I’m their inspiration, which pushed me further.

Why did you choose to study with AIPT?

I liked the course style and setup; it’s structured yet flexible enough to be realistically complete. I enjoyed the eight weeks of practical components with a qualified trainer in a gym who gave me constant inspiration and support. I also wanted to combine a Diploma of Nutrition (which I am currently studying) and a Certificate in Fitness to cover the full scope of health and nutrition and boost my career options.

How did you find your student experience with AIPT?

Everyone I spoke to - teachers and students - were always very helpful and never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question.  Many people find the idea of taking up a fitness qualification daunting, but the end-to-end support and inclusion made it 100% achievable.

What did you find most valuable?

Everything was simple – from registration to the course completion, the finish was always in sight.  My course was the complete package which contained all the PT staples from the basics to training advanced athletes.  AIPT equipped me to work in the industry, so the course was a clear investment. 

What are you doing at the moment?

After completing my Certificate IV in Fitness at the start of March, I started my own personal training business ‘Fraser PT & Fitness’ in under three months.  Currently, I offer PT sessions to all ages at very affordable prices. I run all my sessions out of a private studio in Brisbane CBD through Blueprint Health and Fitness.  I do small group training, 1-on-1, 2-on-1 and boot camps. I’m excited to start a ‘Mum and Bubs’ boot camp at Chermside next week. I also run a boot camp in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens on Wednesday nights and will soon launch a weekend boot camp at Brighton. I’ve additionally been lucky enough to start working with a great team at F45 Hamilton. The people are great and the trainers are awesome.  So as you can see, you can really create your own schedule and personal trainers are always wanted.    

What do you love most about your job?

I love the burst of energy every day but most of all assisting clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.   It’s incredibly rewarding to see people turn into confident versions of themselves and inspiring others is why I enjoy doing what I do.  I also like the variety and the flexibility to take control of my work hours, allowing me to spend more time with my daughter.  I can turn my work schedule up or down when I want to.     

What would you say to people who are considering taking the leap into a career in fitness?

If it’s your passion and you love to help others as much as you love to train, then do it!  I know a lot of people can get turned off as it can seem hard at first but anyone can do whatever they put their mind to.  If you want it badly enough you will succeed.

4 steps to a fully-fledged trainer 

To wrap up, we’ve listed 5 steps to launch your fitness career.

  1. Learn the skills and approach of a personal trainer – lock down the techniques you will teach and the commitment you will inspire (4 am starts and master-level discipline are part and parcel of a personal trainer’s job);

  2. Enrol into a certification – there are plenty to choose from at AIPT to fit your level, experience and expertise;

  3. Start working - there are many places to work apart from a gym.  AIPT offers support in landing work post certification;

  4. Find an area of expertise – combining qualifications like fitness and nutrition to expand your skill set will place you a level up; and can even lead to starting a business.

AIPT has your fitness qualification covered

Packing a wide range of courses catering to every strength and level, AIPT has your fitness qualification on lockdown.  Search AIPT’s courses, take the next step and enrol! 

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