29 Aug 2019

How to Be a Ninja Warrior According to AIPT’s Own Nathan Ryles

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What is Ninja Warrior training?

Ninja warrior training is different for everyone and really has no meaning!

When I first got accepted to compete in season 2 of Ninja Warrior, I was oblivious of how I should train. I mean “Ninja” was never a training style that I had considered before.  Just by watching the show and studying the obstacles. I decided to incorporate a lot more laches and explosive movements into my training. Focusing a lot on my fast-twitch fibres, coordination and balance. I ended up making it to the stage 2 of the grand final in season 2 but unfortunately fell short of the mark.

My training for season 3 changed based on my knowledge of now competing on the show. I realised that I lacked the endurance in my forearms and lats to be able to hold myself up for long periods of time without being overwhelmed with lactic acid. I started doing a lot of cross-fit circuits to build up my cardiovascular endurance. I focused on a lot of circuit work that involved either hangs or lock-offs (generally both).

My top tips on training for Ninja Warrior 

  • Focus on your cardiovascular endurance.

  • Work on your grip, forearm and lock-off strength.

  • Try to increase your LACHE.

  • Visualize yourself completing the course over and over again.

  • Control your nerves by controlling your mindset!

  • Always finish a session with some form of balance training.

Can you build a Ninja Warrior course?

Yes, you definitely can, Ninja Warrior courses have been popping up more frequently around back yards since the show’s arrival to our tv screens. It’s become so popular within the ninja community that backyard competitions have now been created. Which is what many ninjas use to train for the show. It’s a great way to simulate a pressured environment with everybody’s eyes on you while you compete. It’s also another great way to build up your cardiovascular endurance and grip strength by trying to complete consecutive obstacles. You’ll meet other fellow ninjas and learn different and more effective techniques to conquer certain obstacles. The knowledge that you can gain from other ninjas and these backyard competitions is priceless.

If you’re feeling the urge to build a ninja course in your backyard. I suggest finding a bit of open space, tapping into your carpentry skills, and then the sky is the limit (or however high your council will permit :D)

How to train for Ninja Warrior at home?

Now assuming we don’t have any crazy ninja course in our backyard. We can always manage a way to train for ninja. A really good circuit that I found worked really well for my cardiovascular endurance and grip strength when I had no equipment went a little like this.

  • 1 minute of burpees

  • 1 minute of hang work (10-second hang and 10-second lock-off repeated)

    For 10 rounds!

You will find any form of circuit work incorporated with hangs is a great way to not only build up your cardiovascular strength but to also get your body familiar with that lactic acid pump in your forearms. The more that you can replicate that and get comfortable with that feeling. The more chance you have of completing on the Ninja Warrior course!

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