19 Apr 2017

Personal Training: How Much Should I Pay?

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Fitness as a profession is hugely wide-ranging, so it’s good to keep on top of costs, rates, and trends.

So, how much should you pay a PT?

Using a Personal Trainer is a great way for many people to keep in shape without losing incentive, passion or oomph. But when it comes to the money involved, it can vary wildly…

Paying for a Personal Trainer

It’s not quite as simple a question to ask as “How much should I pay for a personal trainer?” as there are many variables to take into account.

For example, where are you looking to train – in a gym or in your own home (or another location of your choice, perhaps the park)?

Are you looking for a very experienced fitness professional or are you quite happy with someone new to the industry?

How many hours a week do you want to train for?

These are all things to bear in mind when choosing a PT, as they’ll affect the rate you pay.

What do Personal Trainers earn?

Generally speaking, a personal trainer in Australia will charge between $40 and $90 an hour (the top rate of which can add up to about $150,000 a year income).

The minimum qualification a Personal Trainer has to have is a SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness, so you need to check they are accredited before you sign up.

There are several additional certificates PTs can acquire to boost their value (such as a 10967NAT Diploma of Nutrition which will enable them to offer you dietary advice as well) so check how many qualifications they have and see if they’re worth what they’re charging.

Split the cost

One way of negating the cost of a Personal Trainer is to have a friend or colleague join you and split the cost. That way, you can still have plenty of one-on-one attention and focus, but you’re only paying half the price!

Whether you decide to sign up for one-on-one training or group fitness classes, a personal trainer can be just the person to keep you on track and motivated while you study for a fitness qualification.

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