03 Aug 2022

Jessica Stevenson Success Story

Student Success Story

Tell us a Bit About Yourself.

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I started my health and fitness journey in 2017 at Anytime Fitness Griffin. 

I realised quickly that I knew nothing about exercise and asked for a Personal Trainer. This helped me learn the correct form, avoid injuries, and stay consistent. I wasn't really following a structured program until 2020, and that's when I started seeing the most results. I found a passion for fitness and personal development, which took me to compete in a bikini on the Body Building stage in October 2020 & again in April 2022 with ICN. 

In 2017, I knew I had to make a change; I carried extra weight, had no strength, was fatigued and had body pains. I want to set an example for my kids that you must respect your body, and through consistency, you will get results. 

In 2021, I decided to make the move to the fitness industry. I started my course with AIPT and then had the opportunity to become a Gym Manager, where I was doing my practical experience. 

Jessica Stevenson Success Story

What Made you Decide to Pursue a Career in Fitness?

I want to show others that YOU CAN feel better and live more

What Course did you Study? Which Gym did you have your Face-to-Face Practical Assessments? 

I studied the Complete Personal Trainer Program, and my face-to-face practical assessments were completed under Lisa Favard and Anytime Fitness in Griffin. 

Jessica Stevenson Success Story 2

Why did you Choose to Study with AIPT?

I like the flexible study options as I was already working full-time elsewhere. 

What are Your Plans for the Future?

I look forward to helping people feel better and live longer. I will compete in body-building Season B 2023 & obtain my sports nutrition qualification. Then one day, I can help support others with a passion for competing on the body-building stage. 

Jessica Stevenson Success Story 3

What Would you say to People who are Considering Taking the Leap Into a Career in Fitness?

I would strongly encourage them to gain some experience in the fitness industry and talk to other trainers about what to expect first. Have an interest in learning & continue to provide the best possible service to their clients. 

Interested in providing fitness training as a qualified Fitness Professional? Our Complete Personal Trainer^ Program would be perfect for you! Enquire now to speak to one of our Career Advisors for more information!

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