19 Aug 2020

Kamila De Almeida Ferrao Success Story

Student Success Story

Tell us a Bit About Yourself.

 My name is Kamila. I'm originally from Brazil and have been living in Australia for the past 12 years.

I was drawn to movement and exercise 7 years ago. That's when I decide to become a yoga teacher. I have over 6 years of experience with recovery and mobility toward exercise. I wanted to bring the benefits of yoga to athletes and people that wouldn't normally feel drawn to it.

I started to train Crossfit and compete from time to time. I was never a fan of regular gyms. I wanted to learn a sport and have discipline. When I'm passionate about what I'm doing, I give 101% and exercise is one of them.

Kamila De Almeida Ferrao Success Story

What Made you Decide to Pursue a Career in Fitness?

After working with athletes and training myself, I felt that I needed to pursue my career and extent my studies with AIPT. 

What Course did you Study? 

I've studied the Complete Personal Trainer^Program.

Why did you Choose to Study with AIPT?

I've heard lots of good things about it, and amongst all the courses I've seen in the market, AIPT had the most content quality compared to the others.

Kamila De Almeida Ferrao Success Story 2

What are Your Plans for the Future?

I already run my own fitness business. It's focused on mindfulness and exercise. I offer online programs for people that are not able to physically be at the gym and also teach 1:1 face to face classes.

What Would you say to People who are Considering Taking the Leap Into a Career in Fitness?

Do it, but only if you love what you do. Being a personal trainer requires passion. That way, you can make people feel what you feel, and that's when the magic happens. Motivate people from the heart, not boredom.

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