05 Jun 2019

Meet Jamie Richards - One of our three Scholarship Winners

Student Success Story

Jamie Richards' Thoughts On How To Fit AIPT Studies In With Your Normal Routine

Upon commencing my studies with AIPT, the question dawned on me:

“How will I go managing my personal commitments with the added bonus of studying with AIPT?”

This might be your current situation too. Maybe you’re working full-time already, maybe your a mother or father who has responsibilities to look after their kids, maybe the idea of studying again doesn’t excite you at all!

But what about the outcome of completing the course with AIPT…? That’s the question I asked myself: What will I gain by making AIPT studies my priority?

For me, integrating the allocated time to study each day came very easy because I was focused on the end result. I’ve loved fitness my entire life, so I knew it was important for me to make studying with AIPT my priority.

If you doubt whether or not you have the time to study with AIPT, ask yourself what a new career would mean to you. Would you enjoy not having a boss, instructing you to do the things you currently do? Would you enjoy having the freedom of choosing your work hours? Would you enjoy taking your life to the next level in terms of health, wealth and overall fulfilment?

Working as a personal trainer will bring you more fulfilment than many other jobs - and that’s how I managed to make the time to study with AIPT.

Remember what you’ll gain from the study! If you are genuinely interested in enhancing your life, you will make the time! Prioritise! The day is 24 hours only, so maybe the TV, Netflix, the “other stuff” has to be made a secondary choice. Remember your family too. Perhaps your family will benefit in the long term by you investing your time now to become a personal trainer.

The beauty of studying with AIPT is that you don’t need to attend TAFE, you have the ability to study from home, and become qualified faster than ever! But you need to put the work in, as nothing worth having comes too easy.

I see the vision. I see the freedom of working as a personal trainer. I understand it’s not about short term convenience, it’s about the long term result. I appreciate that sacrificing a few hours now will bring more fulfilment later.

If you’re struggling to find the time to study, then let your vision be the factor that pushes you over the line. Your new lifestyle is on the other side, your new freedom, your new income… it’s all there.

So what’s your vision?

For more on personal training and ways, you can break into the fitness world, take a look at AIPT's nationally recognised courses in Fitness and Personal Training. Enquire now, or call 1300 616 180 today!

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