03 Jan 2019

How to Register As a Personal Trainer

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The fitness industry is in fine form. In fact, it’s never been fitter.

As a result, Personal Trainers are in high demand among fitness fanatics wanting the personal touch and superior expertise. A career as a Personal Trainer will set you up for life in a vibrant, ever-evolving industry. And one of the questions we’re often asked is this:

Is Registration Necessary for Personal Trainers?

Well, while registration may not compulsory, it is recommended to keep your fitness knowledge current and your skills up-to-date according to industry standards. Moreover, when you’re starting out, gym and fitness connections will most likely be crucial to your success. You’ll need that ready market of fitness-oriented people to build a client base and reputation. That’s where registration will most probably become a factor.

What are the Benefits of Registering as a Personal Trainer?

Most gyms require Personal Trainers to be registered. Personal Trainer registration helps to ensure that industry standards are maintained. How? Because you need to re-register every two years and show evidence of ongoing education as part of your registration criteria.

As a Personal Trainer, you should always be looking to hone your skills and expand your knowledge to meet changing demands. Registration not only opens the door to a host of work-generating facilities but also reassures clients that you’re a progressive, switched on operator. So the question is…

How do you Become a Registered Personal Trainer?

You can register as a Personal Trainer through a number of official industry registration bodies like Fitness Australia, Physical Activity Australia, Fitness Network etc. Some gyms may have their own preference when it comes to the registration bodies so it is best to check it beforehand.

Choose how you Want to Study

No, you’re not stuck with a daily commute to some far away institution; you can choose to do all your course study online at your own pace whenever your lifestyle permits. In other words, you can still keep your current job and continue to earn while you learn.

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