18 May 2020

Tegan Barton Success Story

Student Success Story

Tell us a Bit About Yourself.

Hi, I'm Tegan, and I have always been an individual committed to both personal and professional growth.

I thrived on a challenge and competed in a variety of sports growing up. As I've gotten older, I've used fitness as an outlet. It's when I feel alive, most of myself, and most at peace.

Tegan Barton Success Story

What Made you Decide to Pursue a Career in Fitness?

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life, so I decided to turn that passion into a career. I am still in the corporate world, but personal training allows me to share this passion with my clients and grow a business that is my own. 

What Course did you Study?

I completed Certificate IV Fitness.

Why did you Choose to Study with AIPT?

I chose AIPT because it allowed me to complete my Certificate IV while simultaneously working full-time. I had access to the online platform and the ability to complete my practical hours outside of my working hours.

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What are Your Plans for the Future?

I will continue to focus on growing my business and developing my skills, knowledge and networks.

What Would you say to People who are Considering Taking the Leap Into a Career in Fitness?

It is such a rewarding industry to be part of, if you are already thinking about it, then do it. You have nothing to lose!

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