19 Aug 2022

The Best Sport Jobs In Australia

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Love sports and want to make a career out of your passion? There are a range of sports jobs in Australia that could be the perfect fit for you.

Sports Writer

Becoming a sports writer overlaps with a career in journalism, but it’s a widely available sports job that can pay well. While you might not be out on the field or in a gym training every day, your enthusiasm for sports combined with your journalism skills can have you working for newspapers, magazines or sports-centered websites. You may be asked to report on teams, leagues or particular athletes. You’ll need a good eye for research, as well as good social skills when it comes time to interview players or coaches. If you love tuning into the footie on the weekend, and are on top of your favourite team’s players, games and strategies, a sports writer could be the sports job for you.

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Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer is one of the best sports jobs in Australia: it has plenty of potential, allows you to work in a variety of settings (either self-employed or as part of a team within a gym or similar environment), and of course it will feed your love of sports and exercise. Our Complete Personal Trainer Program is the ultimate package if you’re aiming for a job as a personal trainer and will get you ready to help others achieve their personal health and fitness goals. You’ll learn from real fitness professionals in real gyms, and when you graduate, you’ll be able to take on clients and begin your dream job as a personal trainer.

Sport & Recreation Officer

As a Sport and Recreation Officer, you’ll have a wide array of areas in which you can choose to work. You could maintain sporting grounds, work in customer support within the Sport and Recreation industries, plan and conduct programs, or use social media tools in order to boost engagement for your sport or recreational facility. You can earn your qualifications via a Certificate III in Sports and Recreation, which upon completion will open up a world of opportunity for you. Once you have the education and experience, you’ll be able to work hands-on in the sport and recreation industry and even conduct sport, fitness and recreational sessions within your community.

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You don’t need a qualification to become an umpire for your kid’s sport team, but you can also take the more career-oriented road and set your sights high – imaging umpiring a game for the ICC! This sports job is ideal for those who want to be close to the action, but you’ll also be responsible for making sure that games run smoothly and fairly. In order to take on this sort of sports job in Australia, you’ll likely need to undertake an accreditation course – as well as other examinations – depending on the sport that you wish to participate in. Cricket, netball, basketball, baseball…there are plenty of options out there.


Athletes both professional and casual need physicians they can trust to get them back in the game sooner – and that’s where a rewarding career as a physical therapist can be beneficial. If you wish to become a physical therapist, you’ll need to undertake a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance, specializing in physiotherapy. Once you’re a certified physiotherapist, you’ll have an expert understanding of the way the human body is structured and be able to assist in treating health conditions including sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions and health conditions that can lead to obesity, diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Group Exercise Instructor

Gym/Fitness Instructor 

How could we mention the top sports jobs in Australia without mentioning fitness instructors? A gym or fitness instructor is similar to a personal trainer, in that they assist people with their exercise routines, however fitness instructors tend to work in groups and are there for everyone in a class to speak with. A Certificate III Fitness can help you gain the qualifications necessary to become a fitness instructor, meaning that you can lead group classes, instruct gym-goers on correct equipment usage, demonstrate fitness programs, and much more.

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All bodies need fuel, especially those of athletes and other sports-oriented people. Becoming a nutritionist is another way to enter into sports jobs without having to physically throw a ball or run a mile. A Diploma of Nutrition is a great place to start it will give you basic medical knowledge about the human body, as well as teach you how to provide specialized nutritional advice and evaluate general health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Of course, there are many other sports jobs in Australia. Whatever career path you choose to take, you can trust AIPT to set you up for success in the sports and fitness industry, with a number of nationally recognized courses available to you.