01 Jun 2022

Transform Your Passion for Fitness into a Rewarding Career: Tom's Inspiring Journey

Student Success Story

What if you were smashing all your fitness milestones and still wanted more?

For Tom Greig, keeping strong and healthy wasn’t enough. We spoke to Tom about turning his passion for fitness into a thriving career.

“My interest in fitness started when I was playing rugby and cricket at school,” said Tom.

Tom lives in Sydney and started working at Fitness First Bondi Junction last year.  

“I wanted to pursue a career in fitness because I could see the benefits that training and being healthy had on my life, and I wanted to help other people experience this positive change,” said Tom.

Part of Tom’s motivation was seeing how health issues had negatively impacted his family. Not only did Tom want to do what he could to minimise the risks for himself, but he was passionate about making sure others were able to avoid health setbacks as well.

Tom Greig

Tom chose to study the Fast Track Personal Training Course with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT).

This fast-track package gives graduates the Certificate III requirements and Certificate IV in Fitness combined, as well as the skills required to train clients in a gym or become a Personal Trainer and build their own business.

“AIPT helped me to channel my ideas about fitness into a presentable and certified product. The instructors helped me learn so much about the industry and find the path that was the best fit for me.”

Tom was able to do all the coursework online, which gave him the flexibility to maintain part-time work. He was also given the opportunity to learn in a real gym environment and be taught by real fitness professionals, thanks to AIPT’s strong focus on practical learning and real-life experience.

The practical training with Fitness First has been amazing,” said Tom. “There are so many great resources for help here. The Personal Training Mentors/Managers have all been incredible. The systems in place—such as the 12-Week Development Program and Induction days—have been super helpful in building up my knowledge base as a Level 1 Trainer.”

Tom’s now running the HITT and Hercules classes at Fitness First Bondi Junction, as he builds his client base.  

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