26 May 2021

Trisha Lindgren Success Story

Student Success Story

Tell us a Bit About Yourself.

Hi! My name is Trish. I am a mother, wife and Personal Trainer (PT).

I have not always been this way, 3 years ago, I was clinically obese and at risk of complications due to my condition. That, combined with events of the time, motivated me to change my lifestyle, and I fell in love with the process. The experience was so profound that I wanted to learn, teach, inspire, motivate and share this experience with others. I also want to be a part of their journeys. Hence my mission to become a personal trainer!

I now work out of a gym in Mile End called Premium PT and run my own business called Healthy Self Fitness in Adelaide’s Western Suburbs. I work with clients online, in their homes and outdoors. I am teaching circuit training, strength training and recreational running. I am passionate about helping women just starting on their fitness journeys.

Trisha Lindgren Success Story

What Made you Apply for the AIPT Indigenous Scholarship?

To me, fitness became a passion. I fell in love with trail running and strength training etc. I wanted to share this passion with other people who were like me. Becoming a PT was the opportunity to do this. I didn’t even think I could win it. I talked to someone about it and told them I wish I could win it (I had no intention of applying), and she convinced me to apply, and I actually won it. Mind blown!

Trisha Lindgren Success Story 2

What are Your Plans now That you Have Completed the Course?

Ultimately, I am working towards growing a business teaching recreational trail running to beginners, which will also include but won’t be limited to, strength training, plyometric training, and circuit training. I want to create a business to create strong people from the ground up! One day, I hope to be in a position where I can give back by sponsoring other Indigenous people interested in becoming a PT and becoming a mentor myself. In all honesty, my journey has taught me that anything is possible, so who knows where it could lead me! The world is truly my oyster.

Trisha Lindgren Success Story 3

How did Winning the AIPT Indigenous Scholarship Help you Reach Your Fitness Goals?

It gave me a better understanding of how to achieve my own fitness goals smarter and safer. It gave me a sound base knowledge of training principals and all of the components I needed to kick start my business from a business perspective. 

The AIPT Indigenous Scholarship also connected me with what I think is the most important aspect of the course and my career, a great mentor. 

Trisha Lindgren Success Story 4

What Would you Say to People From the Indigenous Community who are Considering Leaping into a Career in Fitness?

AIPT has opened doors for me I thought were never possible. This career has by far been the most rewarding I have ever experienced. If this is something you can’t stop thinking about, then it’s probably something worth going after. The community needs more of us!

Trisha Lindgren Success Story 5

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