04 Sep 2018

What is Aqua Zumba?

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Cha-cha, salsa, mambo. Dances one and all and now operating under the collective umbrella known as Zumba; at least in an exercise environment. And why not? It’s a fun way to get fit.

Now there’s Aqua Zumba taking Zumba where Zumba has never been before: the swimming pool.

While Aqua Zumba is low impact and effectively, weightless, you’re still working albeit in different ways. Working out in waterworks muscles in completely different, yet effective ways without the pounding gravity subjects them to.

What’s the Difference Between Aqua Zumba and Normal Zumba?

One word: water. If you’ve ever tried to dance in a swimming pool, you’ll know it’s a bit like one of those slow-mo scenes in B Grade movies. You’re dancing, or at least trying to, but you’ve no chance of keeping pace with anything even vaguely Latin and upbeat; in fact, you can barely keep up with Leonard Cohen.

But that doesn’t matter. Aqua Zumba mixes some of the more standard aqua aerobics moves in with the Latin-inspired beats and moves of Zumba for a watery workout that’s a lot of fun.

It’s also easy on the joints and limbs. Aqua Zumba is a great addition to your exercise regime particularly if you’re recuperating from injury or just a little older. And if you’ve shied away from the dance aspect of Zumba because, well, you can’t dance, it really doesn’t matter – with Aqua Zumba, everyone looks a bit silly.

What Should you Wear for Aqua Zumba?

We are talking a pool, so that pretty much cancels out singlets and trackie-daks. Wear what you’re comfortable wearing in a pool in front of other people, be it a bikini or rashie and shorts.

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Can you do Aqua Zumba Alone?

Sure, if you have a TV by your pool, but it’s not recommended. Aqua Zumba might be low intensity, but if you get tired and out of your depth - both mentally and physically - the intensity can increase rather dramatically.

For Aqua Zumba, you perform large muscle movements, lifting your arms and legs and circling your hips and shoulders.

Stick to the right training and you’ll not only keep your head above water but enjoy all the right results.

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