02 Dec 2022

What is Nutrition & Why is it Important

Nutrition Advice

What is Nutrition? 

The definition of ‘nutrition’ in the Australian Oxford Dictionary is: 

nutrition / n. 1 providing or receiving nourishing substances. 2 food, nourishment. 3 the study of nutrients and nutrition.” 

The following components are critical in nutrition: 

  • Fat 

  • Protein 

  • Carbohydrates 

  • Amino acids 

  • Enzymes 

  • Vitamins 

  • Minerals 

  • Water 

A balanced diet combining all the necessary nutrient food groups means a better functioning body capable of faster servicing and repair. 

Essentially, it’s the understanding of exactly what foods are healthy and what foods are bad, and how much of each can and should be consumed for good body health and growth. 

That’s why  studying nutrition alongside a fitness course can be such a great way to make yourself stand out as a better Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor.  Knowing what people should be putting into their bodies helps in the overall quest for general good health and fitness and giving advice on nutrient-dense food can really aid fitness clients in their quest for peak physical condition. 

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Why is Good Nutrition Important?  

Good nutrition is extremely important for any number of reasons. When certain elements of a healthy diet are restricted or non-existent, a person’s body can begin to suffer in specific and potentially serious ways. 

Not taking in enough calcium, for example, can result in muscle cramps and spasms, while deficiency in zinc can impair wound healing. 

Equally, too much of certain foods can cause a nutritional imbalance, with an excess of calcium potentially leading to impaired kidney function. 

It’s clear to see, then, that good nutrition knowledge is a valuable tool to have, whether simply for your own piece of mind or to further your career prospects as a fitness professional. However, understanding food labels and their nutrition values can be very confusing and overwhelming, which may be why only 53% of Australians believe they eat healthily.  

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A Career in Nutrition 

Studying nutrition will help you keep yourself in great physical shape, compliment your own fitness regime. However, it can also give you a terrific platform from which to launch a successful personal trainer career that stands out for others.  

There are also a number of other nutrition careers you can go into if you are passionate about helping others live a healthy lifestyle. These include:  

  • Nutrition Assistant – work alongside dieticians offering nutrition help at healthcare facilities. 

  • Nutrition Coach – work one on one to help people improve their nutrition and reach their health goals. 

  • Nutrition Advisor – work either one on one to with teams, advising on nutrition and diet for sports or general good health. 

How Do I Find Out More About Nutrition? 

Making smart choices about the foods we eat and the way we eat them is an important step in the journey to a healthy body and sound mind. 

If you want to find out more about how food impacts on the body, why not start your journey towards good health today with our nationally recognised 10967NAT Diploma of Nutrition. Call on 1300 616 180 and find out more today!