18 Apr 2017

What to Wear to a Personal Training Job Interview

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You’ve secured yourself a Personal Trainer interview, but what’s the appropriate attire?

Find out here.

Personal trainers aren’t known for their suits and ties. Personal trainer jobs require physical work and are generally carried out in a casual and fitness-focused environment, so casual/sportswear is generally the go-to ‘uniform’.

However, that doesn’t mean that anyone going along to a personal training interview after applying for a PT position should rock up in a vest and gym shorts – no way!

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Smart Thinking

The fact is, at the interview you’re there to meet (and impress) your potential boss or managers, not take a gym-goer through their paces. In order to show the appropriate levels of respect and enthusiasm for the job and the company, you really need to wear business casual at the very least, which would include a polo shirt or buttoned up shirt with smart trousers for men, and a skirt or trousers and smart top/blouse for women.

If in any doubt, it pays to remember that you can’t really “overdress” for an interview (leave the clown suit or tux at home!) – no one’s going to mark you down for making an effort and looking smart, so suit and tie certainly won’t harm your prospects.

Be Prepared

Some interviewers looking for a personal trainer might prefer to see what you’re made of and ask for some fitness-based examples during the interview, during which corporate attire might not be appropriate. One way around this is to take a (smart looking) bag with fitness gear inside along with you. If you don’t need it, it doesn’t matter, it can just stay at your feet.

Of course, the best way of negotiating any uncertainty is to ask – when you’re informed of your personal training interview date and time, ask whether or not you’ll be expected to perform any physical training tasks, or even bite the bullet and just ask outright what you should wear. It shows initiative and forethought and will stop you making a critical mistake on the big day.

Another important thing everyone should wear to any interview is a confident but friendly smile – you’re there to sell yourself as the ideal candidate and an approachable person, so give it your best shot! 

Of course, nailing the look for your PT interview is only part of the process.

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