17 Aug 2016

Gain the Career Advantage with a Nutrition Qualification

Make this the year you learn more, go further in your fitness career and achieve more than you thought possible.  

As a Personal Trainer, there’s one qualification that gives you the chance to increase your clientele, extend your services and offer your clients advice that exceeds expectations and delivers long-term results.

So, why is a 10967NAT Diploma of Nutrition an increasingly popular choice for more and more PTs?

Know more

It’s essential for Personal Trainers to emphasise the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating to their clients – and the more specific you can be, the better.

As a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor, you have a strong understanding of the fundamental principles of training and nutrition, as well as basic medical knowledge about the human body, including how it digests and metabolises food and stores energy.

Knowing what to eat and how it affects the body is not only beneficial for your clients and your PT business – you also get to live the happy and healthy lifestyle you are passionate about by fuelling your body with the right food.

Offer more

To become a successful PT, you want to be the first choice for clients looking to make better lifestyle choices. With a Diploma of Nutrition, you can go beyond the basic eating advice of qualified Personal Trainers and other professionals in the health and wellness industry. This includes being able to provide tailored nutritional advice for weight management, exercise and sport, and clients from various age groups or with diet-related diseases.

By entering into the world of nutrition and understanding the impact of macronutrients, food allergies and the role of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and nutrient supplements, you will be able to inform your clients on what they should be eating to get the results they desire faster, whether they want to bulk up, slim down or build muscle.

Go further

Attaining qualifications to further both your knowledge of training and nutrition will only serve to strengthen your health and fitness knowledge, giving you the chance to extend your services. A Diploma of Fitness and a Diploma of Nutrition will enable you to go beyond personal training. You will be equipped with the skills to develop specialised health training and exercise plans, as well as provide professional healthy eating advice to support each client’s specific health and fitness goals.

Graduates of the Diploma of Nutrition may also be able to gain credit for relevant undergraduate programs at universities. In other words, this qualification can be your stepping stone to becoming a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist or Dietitian.

So, how do you start?

Simple. The 10967NAT Diploma of Nutrition is available to start studying ASAP. Online study material means you can log in anywhere and anytime, and when it comes to industry exposure, 30 hours of practical placement allows you to experience the real world of nutrition. Plus, you can take advantage of our new 2016 price for a limited time only!

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