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QLD User Choice Program.

Queensland Government subsidised training available at Australian Institute of Personal Trainers. Eligibility criteria applies.

User Choice Program

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The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT) is a proud Queensland Government subsidised Training Provider under the Department of Employment Small Business and Training’s (DESBT) Skills Assure Supplier Program. AIPT currently delivers subsidised training under the User Choice program.  

The User Choice program provides a public funding contribution towards the cost of training and assessment for eligible Queensland apprentices and trainees. The program aims to provide funding aligned to the skills needs of the industry and respond to changing government priorities. 

Qualifications offered by AIPT through User Choice 

AIPT is currently approved to deliver the following qualifications under DESBT’s User Choice Program.  

Course | Student Co-Contribution Fee (Non-Concessional) | Student Co-Contribution Fee (Concessional) 

SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness (Group Exercise Instructor)  | $1200.00 | $480.00 

SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor) | $1112.00  | $444.80 


What is a Student Co-Contribution Fee? 

Student co-contribution fees represent the non-government financial contribution towards the cost of the training and assessment services provided to you or your chosen qualification under the User Choice Program. This co-contribution fee is set at $1.60 per nominal hour per unit of competency you enrol into as part of your qualification.  

The student co-contribution fee may be paid on behalf of the student by their employer or another third party but cannot be paid or waived by AIPT without direct instruction and approval from DESBT. 

Partial and full exemptions of the student co-contribution fees may apply where you may fall into certain categories of exemption. AIPT is required to and will assess and verify your eligibility to a partial or full exemption of co-contribution fees. You will be required to produce evidence as requested by AIPT to verify your eligibility to access a partial or full exemption of the student co-contribution fees. Any evidence provided may be held in a secure record keeping location as verification of your eligibility. 

A detail of exemption categories can be found in the AIPT Traineeship Handbook which will provided to you prior to your enrolment.  

How does the program work? 

The User Choice program provides the flexibility for apprentices, trainees, and their employers to select a preferred registered training organisation (RTO) from a list of Skills Assure Suppliers for the delivery of accredited training to meet their specific needs. 

The program works in conjunction with the Commonwealth Australian Apprenticeships System, under which apprentices and trainees (also known in some jurisdictions as “Australian Apprentices”) enter legally binding training contracts with their employers and receive structured training to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. 

Other restrictions may apply to some programs, so please read the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training website for more information. 

How do I Sign Up? 

To get started, you will need to choose a qualification that interests you and follow the steps to become an apprentice or trainee. You and your employer will contact and engage an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) who will provide information on becoming a trainee or apprentice, assess your eligibility and complete the sign-up process. 

For more information, please reach out to the AIPT on 1300 616 180. 

Not Eligible for Funding?

We believe everyone should have access to quality education. This is why we have a range of payment options to suit your lifestyle and budget.