Damiano Stomaci

Damiano Stomaci

AIPT Mentor

Payneham SA

About Damiano.

Hi, I'm Damiano, the Personal Training Manager at Goodlife Health Clubs Payneham, with five years of experience.

Sports have always held a special place in my heart, particularly Olympic weightlifting – there's something mesmerising about the precision and power that goes into it.

What inspired you to get into the Fitness Industry?

The desire to help people live healthier lives. The goal of helping them embrace healthier lifestyles and become the absolute best versions of themselves propelled me into this exciting journey.

What do you love about your job?

Witnessing my clients tackle challenges head-on and gradually make transformative lifestyle changes brings me immense joy. There's truly nothing quite like the feeling that comes from seeing their progress unfold.

Why did you partner with AIPT?

I've been an AIPT partner for the past two years. I genuinely believe they offer unmatched support to their students. They're all about ensuring that budding professionals have access to the very best in the industry, and that aligns perfectly with my own commitment to excellence.

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Certificate IV in Fitness.

Fast-Track Personal Training Course.

Complete Personal Training Course.

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To come into their career with a plan, to develop processes to ensure success and to remember that it takes time and effort to do it, but it's worth it.

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