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Shel Evasco

AIPT Mentor

Melbourne VIC

About Shel.

Hi, I am Shel, and I have been a personal trainer since 2013. I also mentor students and fellow personal trainers through my business, Assassin PT.

In my personal training manager role at Fitness First QV Platinum, Melbourne, I recruit personal trainers and provide ongoing mentoring to help them succeed in their business. I believe that my strong experience and knowledge stem from having great mentors and teachers in the past to guide me.

What inspired you to get into the Fitness Industry?

Over the years, I have practised many different types of exercise, making me a fitness all-rounder. My background includes boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, CrossFit, powerlifting, strength training, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, sports-specific training, group training, boot camps and pre and post-natal training. I also have training in areas of mindfulness, nutrition, movement, prehab and rehab. I have never stopped being a student. Fitness is my ultimate passion. Turning this into a career was an easy and obvious choice.

What do you love about your job?

The best part of my job is that it doesn’t feel like work. Being able to wake up each day with the sole purpose of helping people and the rewarding feeling that comes along with it is pure satisfaction for me. The power of knowing I can change lives every day in a positive way is more than what most jobs would be able to offer.

Why did you partner with AIPT?

When I was at Fitness First, I was presented with the opportunity to mentor students through their Certificate III and IV courses. I saw AIPT’s Complete Personal Trainer program, and it made me reflect on my own studies. If something like this program had been available for me, I would have signed up immediately. I firmly believe in the importance of having a strong support system while studying and starting up a business.

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Courses Offered:

Certificate IV in Fitness.

Fast-Track Personal Training Course.

Complete Personal Training Course.

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“I love educating my clients and students around quality of movement to get optimal results relating to their goals. ‘Quality over quantity’ is what I teach.”

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