08 Aug 2016

The Pros and Cons of a 30 Day Challenge

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From six pack abs to squats, the internet offers up a plethora of 30 day challenges, each promising the end result of a summer ready body with just one month’s work of hard work and dedication.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a 30 day challenge, and do they work?

The Good

If done properly, 30 day challenges are effective at getting people started towards a certain fitness goal. A commitment to exercising for 30 days could be the push you need to continue with a positive ongoing health and fitness routine.

Additionally, the time period of 30 days is enough to see results, increase your energy levels and see a bit of toning, depending on your starting point. If you’re a beginner, you might see an impressive result from your months’ worth of work, compared to someone who already trains regularly.

The Bad

The downside of these month long quest to rock hard muscle is that you can’t get fit by doing any one single exercise. Sure, those squats, push ups and crunches are great – but only when they are in conjunction with other exercises.

Additionally, because many 30 day challenges are strict, rigid or impractical for the long-term, they will not produce long-lasting results.  When a challenge stops after 30 days, many people don’t follow up with anything else, meaning any results will be short lived.

It is also essential that the exercise you’re undertaking as part of a 30 day challenge is undertaken in proper form. Undertaking excessive amounts of a singular exercise incorrectly will contribute to (and in some cases, actually cause) an injury. If you have good form, rather than building on the muscle, you will start to tear, stretch and overexert the muscle. If you have bad form, you will result in pain and possible injury that will hide your minimal results.

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The Verdict?

When complemented with additional exercises and time to rest your muscles, 30 day challenges can be a great tool for getting yourself motivated and moving.

At least one rest day a week is also recommended, in order to allow your muscles to recuperate and recover. Your 30 day challenge may extend to a 60 day challenge, but when combined with an array of additional exercises targeting different muscles and the right nutrition, results will speak for themselves.

Don’t Neglect your Nutrition

Finally, keep in mind that the results you see from exercise will be limited if you aren’t refuelling your body with the right foods. Good nutrition is essential when striving for a fit and healthy body, so make sure you’re getting enough protein, carbs and fat in accordance with your current health status and desired goals. This can be best determined by a nutrition expert.

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