13 Feb 2016

5 Healthy Eating Tips to Drive Results

Nutrition Advice

What you eat is essential for fit and healthy living.

Focus on the health benefits you will receive from eating well with these five nutrition tips that drive results.

Drink more water

Swap out your favourite cola drinks, fruit juices, milk, coffees and other processed liquids with water. Sound boring? Add a slice of lemon or lime, serve it ice cold and challenge yourself to slowly give up all other liquids, week by week. Eventually, you’ll begin to crave it. Water itself burns calories. It boosts overall metabolism, cleanses your internal organs, suppresses your ravenous appetite and makes you feel full before a meal.

Eat small meals more often

At some point in modern civilisation, we decided 3 meals a day was the nutritional go-to for most individuals, shaping our menus and food pyramids around these plans. But what if you’re not a breakfast person? What if you can’t handle 3 big meals? Eating small, regular meals improves your energy in the gym, leading to longer, harder workouts and sustained losses.

Swap it up

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock without WIFI, newspapers, magazines or TV, clean eating has been on everybody’s lips. While we’re not suggesting you go full paleo, swapping out bad foods for healthy options will speed you toward your goal. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, enjoy a handful of berries; change up corn chips for a handful of unsalted nuts or get your munch on with carrots and organic hummus.

Start small and go slow

While it may be tempting to make huge changes overnight, direct that zeal into selecting one behaviour and take steps to change it long term. Anybody can make promises to themselves, you may even keep them for a month or so, but concentrated, habitual change takes time and commitment. Make yourself the project.

Colour your plate

The world of fresh fruit and veg is a vibrant rainbow; a tasty, vibrant rainbow that belongs on your plate and in your belly each and every day. Forget about those nasty takeaways – nothing compares to oven baked pumpkin or freshly boiled asparagus. Before you wrinkle your nose, give it a try;  the next time you’re wandering around the supermarket, pick up 3 vegetables you’ve never tried and 3 you have, look up a recipe and cook.

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