24 Feb 2016

5 Fitness Excuses That Just Don’t Cut It

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Whether it’s a slight headache or a busy schedule, fitness excuses come in an array of shapes and sizes.

If you catch yourself spouting one of the below on a regular basis, chances are you need exercise intervention.

Excuses #5 - I’m bored/uninterested/would rather do anything but exercise

Running mindlessly on the treadmill can take its toll on your sanity over a period of time, so it's little wonder exercise can so easily be associated with being a repetitive activity to be avoided at all costs. Get creative when it comes to keeping fit, and start exploring your options.

Additionally, consider what other factors may be coming into play when you use this excuse: is it the time of day you’re working out, or perhaps your workout environment? There is no one right way to exercise – if you’re bored, you need to make some changes to your routine.

If you’re still making all the excuses under the sun, consider hiring a Personal Trainer.

Excuse #4 – My job/schedule/kids give me no time!

We understand life gets busy, but you still manage to shower, don’t you? We hope so, anyway. Make exercise part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth or cooking dinner. You may not be able to set a solid block of time aside for the gym every day, but you can set a quick half hour to go for a walk with the kids, take a 20-minute jog in the fresh air, or even get moving with a workout DVD.

Excuse #3 – Look at me! I don’t need to exercise

Yeah. You do. While you may be slim or look to be in reasonable shape, for now, being slim doesn’t mean you’re automatically fit or healthy. Everybody needs regular exercise to maintain their current fitness level – the body you’ve got now isn’t going to last if you don’t maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s not only your physical appearance that benefits from a regular workout either – your insides (in particular, your heart) will thank you too.

Excuse #2 – I’ll start next week

Let’s face it - next week really means the week after, and even then, you already know it’s not going to happen. When it comes to exercise, you can round off Wednesday with an excuse to start next Monday – or you can do it today. Your body doesn’t know what day it is and will work out when you decide you want it to.

Excuse #1 – I’ve done it all. Exercising makes me look no different

One session of weights isn’t going to land you a six pack and arms like Arnie. If you’re not looking or feeling any different as a result of your exercise routine, it’s likely you haven’t stuck with it, have unrealistic expectations or undo hard work by not following a healthy diet.

Find out what’s really stopping you from seeing the results you want. Exercise is the most important step to a strong healthy body – the only thing stopping you, is you.  

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