23 Nov 2018

8 Best Pre-Workout Foods you Can Eat

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We are what we eat. When it comes to weight training and cardio, it’s never been truer – eat the wrong things or eat nothing, and we may as well not have bothered training at all.

When it comes to building bulk or toning, food and fitness go hand in hand; you can’t hope to succeed in one without careful consideration of the other.

Here we will assume you’re on top of the workout side of things; you’ve got the right weekly fitness plan in place. Yet, there you are wondering why you’re not exceptionally fit yet. The answer is probably food, rather the wrong food. So let’s get off the exercise mats for a moment and focus on your menu.

Here are some ways to get your mind and body on the job when you need them most.

One: Protein Bars

Okay, a super easy one to start as a lot of us aren’t exactly a whiz in the kitchen. Protein bars are, largely, what they claim to be on the label – fast snacks manufactured to be power-packed with workout friendly proteins.

Try to find the most natural, additive-free bars and do go for one with some extra carbs for an energy boost – your workout will thank you for it.

Watch out for sugar content as that can undo all the work you’re putting in, and any bar with oats and whey is a very good starting point.

For best results, eat a protein bar an hour before your workout.

Two: Porridge

pre workout food

Porridge or oatmeal if you prefer, this oldie, but goodie might look like a lump of unset cement and feature in a few Instagram posts, but it will set you up for a workout better than almost anything else.

Porridge is a super-charged ingredient of complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre! Because it is a bit heavy, do eat your porridge two hours pre-workout for the perfect slow release of energy.

Three: Fruit Smoothies

Yes, they can be full of sugar, but they’re also a good source of fast-acting glucose; not a bad thing for a pre-workout boost.

Four: Omelettes

pre workout food

Eggs, they’re hard to beat for muscle-building protein and amino acids. And there’s no nicer way to dine out on eggs than an omelette, ideally eaten at least two hours before you train.

Five: Protein Shakes

No surprises here, protein shakes are what it says on the can; or at least they should be. If you haven’t got time to cook or create, just stir up a shake and drink it an hour before your workout.

Six: Apple Wedges and Peanut Butter

pre workout food

An ever so slightly more creative one that’s both easy and tasty, this is a great combo if you’re watching your calories (the apple), yet still need your protein (the peanut butter).

Seven: Bananas

pre workout food

Yep, bananas again. Eating a banana about half an hour before you train increases your glycogen and ups your blood sugar for an energy-packed session.

Eight: Chicken, Rice and Veggies

If you have time, of course! This is a classic pre-workout meal full of lean protein and complex carbs to supercharge your exercise and energy levels. Make sure you dine at least two hours before you train.

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