22 Jun 2017

The Best Fitness Blogs that we’ve Ever Read

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Get into these fantastic fitness blogs from around the world. 

There’s nothing better than coming across a fitness blog that’s filled with genuine, verifiable knowledge. In a sea of misconceptions and false facts, genuine fitness blogs are a rarity. These days, it seems like every personal trainer has an Instagram account or a blog, and it can quickly become confusing.

When you find a blog that carefully researches its content and makes a genuine effort to educate and inform its readers, it’s definitely worth remembering it for the future. We’ve put together a list of the top fitness blogs we recommend so that you can get a dose of some serious knowledge.


Cassey Ho is an award-winning fitness instructor and entrepreneur. Based in Los Angeles, she has achieved global fame with her YouTube channel Blogilates, which boasts over 3.7 million subscribers.

Cassey’s fitness philosophy is pretty straightforward and is very female-centric. With a strong focus on abs, arms and glutes, Cassey helps people achieve their goals through the power of pilates and HIIT training.

Nerd Fitness

Run by Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness is a great resource for anyone who doesn’t have a strong history in working out or eating healthily.

After battling fitness and health issues for years, Steve finally decided that enough was enough and made a concerted effort to wade through the mess of literature and research to find out what really works.

Nerd Fitness aims to remove barriers to fitness for people like him – those of us who work desk jobs or otherwise lead sedentary roles and want to take the step to improve their fitness. He focuses on contemporary research and breaks it all down into easily-digested chunks. Whether your goal is losing weight or simply having more energy to live life, Steve has the solution for you.

From mindfulness to site-specific training (for example, grip strength), Steve has some great advice that is definitely worth checking out.


ACE compiles articles from fitness experts around the world on a huge range of subjects. Run by the American Council on Exercise, this blog is a serious resource for people who are serious about fitness.

With a strong emphasis on science and peer-reviewed fitness advice, ACE has one simple goal in mind: to reduce the occurrence of preventable diseases through fitness. From diabetes to obesity and coronary concerns, they cover a range of issues that will help to improve your chances of dodging the diseases that afflict sedentary people.

As a nonprofit, ACE isn’t interested in draining your wallet. They combine resources from highly qualified university-level professors, acclaimed personal trainers and other fitness professionals to give you the information you need.

Featuring a wide range of advice for people of all fitness levels, ACE blogs are a great way to expand your knowledge.

Workout Mommy

Lisa Gulley is a certified personal trainer who had great success as a group fitness trainer in the past. She’d even run marathons. Then, along came the kids.

Before starting a family, Lisa thought she’d never struggle with fitness. However, with the busy pandemonium of looking after her children, it quickly became very difficult to maintain a regular fitness routine.

In 2007, after her second son came along, Lisa started Workout Mummy. Her goal was to help other mothers become inspired to work out and develop regular exercise habits. Her blog covers practical topics that are geared towards parents, particularly mothers who spend a lot of time with their children.

From fitness gear to martial arts, Workout Mommy has something for everyone.

Life, by Daily Burn

The Fitness category on Daily Burn’s Life blog is an excellent resource.

While Daily Burn’s service offering is usually paid, there is a huge benefit to be had from their free fitness articles. With a range of step-by-step workouts and how-to videos, there’s something there that will expand anyone’s abilities in fitness and exercise.

Covering a range of activities, from HIIT to Yoga and general fitness advice, this is an awesome resource if you want to address certain issues that have been bugging you.

Summer Tomato

Run by neuroscience PhD Darya Rose, Summer Tomato is a great place to start if you’re ready to make a genuine change to your lifestyle.

Darya was once a chronic yoyo dieter, trying anything it took to achieve fitness goals but often reverting soon after. Her central lesson is that true health isn’t about making extreme sacrifices or having an iron will. It’s all about making simple, easy changes to your lifestyle that add up in the long term.

Darya incorporates fun and enjoyment into her workout routines and provides practical, simple food advice. She advocates regular activity and monitoring your progress, something that many of us fail to do accurately.


Fitfluential ambassador Kasey Arena-Brown has some high quality advice for anyone that has genuinely struggled in the past.

With a past eating disorder, Kasey knows how difficult it can be for people to turn their life around and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Powercakes, launched in 2011, splits its focus between exercise and nutrition.

With inspirational posts, great recipes and awesome workouts, this is a great little resource for finding something new.

Fitness articles by Mindbodygreen

Mindbodygreen has an overall focus on wellbeing. Their fitness articles have some great nuggets of wisdom that will change your approach to your overall health.

If taking a holistic approach to your health and fitness sounds good, then this is the place to go for advice. Focussing not only on physical health, but also spiritual, emotional and mental needs, Mindbodygreen helps you to make overall changes in your life that will set you on the right path.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness are exercise equipment producers with a global reach.

If you’ve ever stepped on an elliptical, there’s a good chance you’ve already met Life Fitness. They also practice what they preach, with a wide array of very handy advice that you can take in conjunction with their fitness equipment.

A lot of their articles are focused on using equipment in your own home, and the routines that come with it. With some fun advice (like how to build your own halfcourt), there is something here for everyone.

There are dozens more awesome blogs out there that cater to niche interests and broadly cover health and lifestyle concerns. Those listed above are a great starting point, but do your own research and find out what works for you!

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