22 Feb 2018

How to Workout When You Work Full Time

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You’ve been crunching numbers and working hard at work; the last thing you want is more of the same at the gym.

Yet, that’s the pact you made with yourself when you signed up for that three-month gym membership.

Of course, it’s easy to imagine yourself pounding away on exercise machines three times a week when that’s all it is; imaginings. It's one thing to think it, a much more hot and sweaty thing to actually do it.

So how do you boost your energy to work out and beat the after-work excuses? How do you make sure you work out when you're tired? 

Take your gym gear to work

If you have to go home to change and your derriere gets anywhere near a couch, you’re in trouble. So pack your workout gear the night before and take it with you.

Better still, change into your workout gear at work. Acclaimed actor and renowned gym junkie Mathew McConaughey had one fabulously effective tip for reluctant exercisers: ‘Get your trainers on! The moment those training shoes are on your feet, there’s no turning back; you’re going to train.’ 

Start working out before you leave your desk

A great way to fight off the lethargy and get your mind into the swing of exercise is to start warming up before you even finish work. If you know you’re knocking off at 5:30, get up at 5:15 and jog lightly on the spot in front of your desk for 30 seconds, sit do a bit more work, jog again another 30 seconds.

A sluggish body will start to wake up and a disinterested mind will begin to accept that it’s going to the gym. Sure, you’ll get the odd bemused look, but explaining that you’re warming up for the gym only makes it even more imperative that you actually go.

Treat your workouts like a meeting

And that means sticking them in your calendar with dates and times you have to keep. If they’re in your calendar, there’s no way you can accidentally double book a few after-work drinks. But if you do have to have those drinks, schedule them for after your workout as a reward.

Do reward yourself for working out

And no, that probably shouldn’t be drinks every time or you’ll undo all the good you do. But a massage or movie is a nice way to thank yourself for a job well done.

Make it mandatory

If you’re serious about fitness, the process of getting fit can’t be optional. Lock it in at least twice a week for a minimum of 30 minutes and don’t unlock it unless you absolutely have to. Put exercise on the same priority level as eating. Give it genuine status in your life and it will grow in importance with every session.

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