07 Sep 2016

Become an Exercise Specialist in Three Easy Steps

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Want more from your fitness career?

As an Exercise Specialist, you advance on your experience as a qualified Personal Trainer. This means knowing more, expanding your hands-on training as a fitness professional and being able to offer additional services to help all clients improve their health and lifestyle.

So how do you become an Exercise Specialist and what certifications do you need to succeed?

Jump into the fitness sphere

When it comes to delivering a fitness education or experience to others, a Certificate III in Fitness is your entry ticket into the working world of fitness. This certification will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to work in a fitness environment, taking you through the process of planning and delivering gym programs, undertaking client health assessments and the basics of anatomy and physiology principles. Once attained, you can work in fitness facilities as an Exercise Instructor and start work on the floor, assisting gym users with exercises and machine equipment, whilst being able to deliver group fitness classes. 

To become an Exercise Specialist, you need to have experience as a qualified Personal Trainer, before progressing into specialised training in high performance health and exercise. If you have previous experience or certification as an Exercise Instructor, this can be attained with a Certificate IV in Fitness. Alternatively,  our Complete Personal Trainer^ Program combines the core units of a Certificate III in Fitness with a Certificate IV in Fitness, meaning you can become a qualified Personal Trainer in one easy step.

Gain advanced training knowledge

As an Exercise Specialist, you will work alongside allied health professionals, helping clients to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. You will be trained with the knowledge to create tailored specialised exercise plans, designed for individuals with cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic conditions.

A Diploma of Fitness will qualify you to work as an Exercise Specialist, in which you increase your knowledge of strength and conditioning, high performance training and small business operation. During your studies, you will be taken through aspects of exercise and training, including how to plan and deliver prescribed exercise programs, advise on injury prevention and management and learn the foundations of planning and opening up your own business.

Go one step further

If you’re looking to complement your knowledge of specialised training with a deeper understanding of nutrition and its effect on the body, consider undertaking a 10967NAT Diploma of Nutrition. This qualification gives you the advantage of being able to deliver more to both new and existing clients while giving you insight into the fundamental principles of nutrition and dietary information.

This means you are able to provide specialised nutrition advice for weight management, tailored advice for physically active individuals, athletes and sports people, and give in depth insight into the best methods of training and fuelling your body.

Where can I work?

As a qualified Exercise Specialist, you can take on work in a variety of different health and fitness environments. This includes:

  • Gyms

  • Health clubs

  • Hospitals

  • Resorts

  • Private health and fitness clubs

  • Your own personal training business

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