25 Sep 2018

Best Foam Roller Exercises

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10 must-do stretches with your foam roller

A foam roller is still one of the best ways to warm up pre-workout simply because they get your limbs flexible and firing before you get into the more intense exercises.

Foam roller stretches are an interesting addition to your regular warm-ups. Some fitness enthusiasts even consider them to be more effective than static stretches especially pre-workout.

Stretching has to be the right kind of stretching and foam roller stretching is the right kind.

How to use a foam roller?

A foam roller is made of foam or something equally spongy. These days you can get foam rollers with attractive knobs all over them and in the eye-popping colour of your choice. Foam rollers are also a popular solution to reduce muscle recovery time. Moreover, used correctly, a foam roller can help in relieving muscle pain, release tightness and improve your flexibility.

You can use a foam roller to do some of the exercises below.

Upper back-roll

Lay with the roller under your upper back, arms crossed. Lift your hips so your weight is on the roller. Roll to one side, then the other.

Calf roll

Place the roller under your lower legs, hands supporting your weight. Now roll from below the knee to above the ankle.

IT band roll

Lay with the roller on your hip and roll from hip to knee and back again.

Hamstring roll

Sit your upper legs on the roller with arms supporting you from behind. Lift your bum up and roll one leg forward until the other is bent.

Groin roll

Lay face down with one leg draped over the roller against your inner thigh. Then roll in as far as comfortable.

Quadriceps roll

Lay face down on your roller, weight supported on forearms and roll from knee to hip.

Glutes roll

Sit on a roller with one leg crossed over the other and move your weight towards the crossed leg as far as comfortable.

Lats roll

Lay with the roller under your armpit and shift weight onto your lats with your upper body off the ground.

Lower back-roll

With the roller under your lower back, roll back and forth over your lower back.

Chest roll

Lay on the roller at shoulder height and roll back and forth on your chest.

And yes, these are abbreviated versions of each exercise to give you an idea of all the roller stretching possibilities. For more detailed techniques, talk to your gym instructor or personal trainer.

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