20 Sep 2018

7 Best Leg Exercises for the Ultimate Leg Workout

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Walking helps, running is even better. But did you know that nothing tones legs and keeps them fit and strong like leg strengthening exercises?

A strong lower body is critical to maintaining your daily functional fitness, performing well in sports, strengthening your core along with additional benefits like increasing your grip strength.

Hard; yes, leg exercises can be hard. Whether we admit it or not, it’s probably a reason why a lot of us focus on exercises for the chest, back and arms. But trust us, a good leg workout is worth the effort.

7 leg exercises for the ultimate leg workout

One: Barbell back squat

Leg exercises

No huge surprises here; the squat has been a staple leg exercise since leg exercises were invented. While some claim squats to be a dangerous exercise asking for injury, the rest still view them as a leg exercise essential. With correct technique, the injury risk is minimal and a barbell back squat works legs better than most.

Two: Barbell front squat

Leg exercises

Same arguments here, as this is merely a variation of the above, but an important one. The barbell front squat attacks the quads more than the back squat. While it can feel a little weird and unbalanced to start, the front squat is easier on your knees and lower back.

Three: Deadlift

The name has never done it any favours and the deadlift does cop its share of bad press, but it’s a killer leg exercise nonetheless. Find a good, wide stance, but not too wide. One of the dangers of deadlifts is overbalancing, so get your foundation rock solid and keep topping up the weight for fast results.

Four: Leg press

Leg exercises

Yes, it’s a machine exercise, but it’s a good one. Whether you prefer the more upright leg press or the angled variation, it’s a great way to get a good burn going and build muscle fast.

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Five: Lunge

Ah yes, the good old lunge, it never fails to make it onto favourite leg exercise lists, and for good reason. Lunges are hard work, but satisfying work because...they work! So what’s your fancy – a barbell across your back or dumbbells in each hand? Either way, you’ll lunge your way to spectacular legs.

Six: Calf raise

Leg exercises

They burn like crazy if you do enough of them, but they sure work. Calf raises also offer you some nice variations to keep things interesting – standing, sitting and on the leg press. The best plan is to rotate through all three for maximum results.

Seven: Machine squat

Our last entry is a good one for squat newbies as it’s a safe way to get similar results without the risks. Machine squats also allow you to get the general flow of movement right before you venture out unassisted onto the mat.

What are the best leg exercises to do at home?

Well, unless you have a huge stash of weights in your spare room, you’re going to be a little limited. That said, you can still tone your body effectively by performing some of the above leg exercises at home like squats, lunges, and calf raises without weights and going for higher reps.

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