23 Aug 2018

Best Protein Powder Uses

Nutrition Advice

Let’s put it this way: if you’re pumping weights without the right nutritional support, it’s a bit like trying to run a business with no products; you can forget about growth.

You’ll stand in front of the mirror day after day wondering why you look exactly like you did yesterday. You’re doing every exercise to the point of exhaustion, following every technique to the letter, yet your muscles aren’t cooperating.

It’s all about protein; that’s what feeds your body after a workout and builds mass. And, of course, you’ll find all the right proteins in a long list of highly nutritional foods. All well and good if you have a healthy diet.

Which brings us to protein shakes.

A fast, effective way to hit your protein targets

A few scoops of protein powder tossed into the blender with milk or water; voila, instant protein-packed meal!

That’s the big plus with protein shakes; They’re easy to make, easy to drink and a far more attractive post-workout protein hit than trying to stomach a massive meal straight after exercise.

So which one is right for you?

What are the best uses for protein powders?

The protein powder you choose will largely depend on what you want it to achieve.

Whey-based proteins are best straight after a workout because they digest fast. Because they’re a fast-release powder, they fill your bloodstream with amino acids, just the thing muscle cells need to pack on new muscle tissue.

If you’re looking for a slow release powder to continue the good muscle-building work while you sleep, then casein-based protein shakes are the best option before bed.

Ideally, you’ll use both. Whey protein shakes after each workout and casein powders at night.

Are protein powders expensive?

Well, they’re not cheap, but you do get what you pay for. The highest quality powders provided by the more reputable brands can seem a little pricey, but they’re worth it. If you want effective results to mirror the work you’re putting in, cheap products will only disappoint. It’s all about what’s in the powder, so make sure you’re getting high quality, concentrated ingredients.

Are there any good protein powder recipes?

Absolutely; there are more creative ways to use powders other than shakes, too many to list here. A quick Google search will reveal great protein-packed options.

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