08 Aug 2016

Quick 15-Minute Home Workouts for Busy Women

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Ladies - sometimes, you just can’t deal with it all right now. We get it. You’re human, not a machine.

Instead of letting your regime fall by the wayside on the back of a bad week or busy few days, set aside some physical space in your lounge for this 15 minute home workout for women.

The metabolism workout

Metabolism is important – you’ve probably wished yours was faster at least once in the past, silently coveting the metabolic abilities of your brothers, boyfriend or males friends. They can eat anything they want and not put on a kilogram, or so it seems, chowing down on burger after burger without feeling the pinch of waistbands or stove-pipe jeans. Short of giving up your penchant for slim cut pants and clothes that make you feel like a million bucks, try these 4 exercises on a circuit to be repeated 3 times. 15 minutes, 4 exercises, 3 circuits…you got this.


If you’re a blog regular, you’ve probably noticed we love to write about squats. They’re pretty awesome and totally deceptive, delivering a total body workout with the aid of dumbbells – make sure you don’t go overboard on the hand weights and build your strength slowly over time.
(15 reps x3)

  • Your feet should be around shoulder-width apart and your arms hanging at your sides, gripping those dumbbells.

  • Squat down, let your butt poke out, taking your weight into your heels – your back should be straight and your core engaged as your thighs are almost in line with the floor. Don’t let your knees go over your toes.

  • Reverse the movement, squeezing your gluteal muscles.

Press it out

All you need is a yoga mat and your favourite dumbbells. The chest press is a sure fire path to sexy, svelte arms and a gateway exercise to bigger lifts later on…bring on the deadlifts!
(15 reps x3)

  • Lie squarely on your yoga mat and elevate your dumbbells over the chest. Your palms should be turned in slightly.

  • Press up with the dumbbells, straightening your arms but don’t lock them out – you want your muscles to do the work, not your joints.

  • Lower again to starting position.

Climb every mountain

Mountain climbers are a favourite of every Bootcamp leader and personal trainer bent on exploring the benefits of body weights exercises – love them or hate them, the effect of climbing an invisible peak will have you smiling from ear to ear, provided you keep it up after the first circuit. You’ll need to grab a fitness ball (also known as a stability ball) and your enthusiasm – you’ll be planking your stomach into a cut washboard in no time. (15 reps x3)

  • Line up a plank on the exercise ball, placing your hands shoulder width apart and concentrating on activating those essential core muscles.

  • Keeping your stomach muscles nice and tight and supporting with a straight back, draw your knee up into your chest. Hold and then lower back into plank.

  • Repeat with the left knee.

The 0 metre sprint and dip

Confused? Don’t be. Tabata lovers may be familiar with the workout stand-by of sprinting on the spot. It may take more effort than you realise, simulating a forward movement without going anywhere at all! You’ll need your trainers for this one, although if you normally run barefoot, who are we to insist otherwise? (3 sets)

  • Sprint on the spot for 20 seconds, really pushing your knees up into your chest and letting your arms pump like pistons at your sides – back and forward, back and forward.

  • Squat for five reps.

  • Sprint for another 20 seconds.

  • Squat for five reps.

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