14 Apr 2018

Celebrity Fad Diets You Should Avoid

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To be frank, why are we picking on 2018? Anything celebrities recommend should be taken with a grain of salt, no matter what the year, decade or century.

Remember, celebrities don’t live regular lives like us. They live larger than life lives and for the most part, are able to assume the identity of characters both fictional and non-fictional when handed a movie script; or act sort of real in reality shows.

When they’re not in front of the cameras, they have all manner of assistants and carers to help them find their way out of buildings. Doors are opened for them because left to their own devices, they’d push, not pull. Their entourages take charge of feeding them and ensuring their professional and private lives are in order.

Their glamorous personalities and physical appearance make many of us want to emulate them. The diets that they follow and their exercise routines, therefore, gain a cult following, even when health experts deem them notorious and unhealthy.

Let us take a look at some of the popular celebrity diets and find out how healthy these celebrity diets are.

The Raw Vegan Diet

The top three celebrity advocates are:

One: Megan Fox who starred in a movie called Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Two: Gwyneth Paltrow who starred in A Perfect Murder.

Three: A person called Sting who starred in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, but our research suggests may actually be a human named Gordon Sumner who had a successful career as a policeman.

That anomaly aside, what’s the common denominator with these three raw vegan diet advocates if their movie choices are anything to go by?

This is a vegan diet of uncooked foods or more to the point raw foods; that being any food that hasn’t been chemically processed, refined, canned or heated above 48C. And by any food, the vegan diet insists this isn’t ‘any’ food at all; its food that hasn’t been anywhere near an animal of any description or persuasion. This basically leaves us with pure, raw unadulterated vegetables.

Okay, two problems, carrots, and potatoes, both budgetary staples of any diet, vegan or otherwise.

The Katie Price Nutritional Supplements diet

Only one celebrity advocate here. If you’re unfamiliar with Katie Price, her background can both undermine and enhance her credentials as an advocate for any diet, let alone what is probably a fad one.

This diet is all about meal replacement shakes to shed weight quickly. Sadly, history tends to repeat on this one and anything that takes the weight off fast doesn’t keep it off.

The Ketogenic diet

Two words: Kim Kardashian. Okay, consider ketosis.

Ketosis is what your body does when you’ve starved it of carbohydrates. It has to burn something to keep working, so it burns fat. Yes, it helps to lose weight, but as the basis of an entire low carb diet? Not advisable and quite possibly dangerous.

The Alkaline diet

Advocate one: Tom Brady, famous for making Superbowls.

Advocate two: the Duchess of York, otherwise known as Sarah Ferguson or Fergie

So does having a credible American sports star and Sarah Ferguson make this a good diet?

Well, it’s all about acid.

And to be frank it puts the acid on you to eat what amounts to a very restricted diet. With a high emphasis on a select few fruit and veggies and major taboos on meat, dairy, and bread, this is a challenge and a half.

Click here for more information about these celebrity diets and if they help you lose weight.

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