07 May 2019

Does the One Punch Man Routine Work?

Okay, first off, we’re not suggesting you go out and punch someone in the name of exercise. The One Punch Man workout simply has a rather unconventional name; a name that does have an interesting story behind it.

We’ll get to that shortly. First things first…

What is the One Punch Man Workout?

Well, in its simplest form, the One Punch Man workout looks like this:

· 100 push-ups

· 100 sit-ups

· 100 squats

· And a 10km run

· EVERY day.

Four very familiar exercises and not a punch in sight! And don’t worry, no one is suggesting a novice is going to charge in and crack a ton of push-ups, sit-ups and squats, let alone run 10ks at the first attempt. The One Punch Man workout allows you to jab and hooks your way through a lighter load before you hit full swing.

How did the One Punch Man Workout get its Name?

Well, from a comic book character; a Japanese comic book character no less. One Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, a rather bored superhero looking for a new challenge in his fight against evil.

Saitama sets out to become so strong he can fall an opponent with a single punch. And, you guessed it; he adopts the above routine to do so. To cut a long story short, an inquisitive fan decided to try the workout and the results were amazing.

Does the One Punch Man Workout Work?

Well, a seasoned fighter might smirk and say that it’s little more than a featherweight warm-up, but most of us aren’t seasoned fighters; we’re Karl and Kate Kick-and-Run for whom 20 push-ups is a massive victory.

So What are the Pros of the One Punch Man Workout?

Familiarity is the first of them; we all know these exercises like the back of our hand (fist) and can perform them anywhere. That’s pro two; no gym required, by the bed or on the lounge floor with one eye on Game of Thrones is absolutely fine.

On the more technical bodily front, the One Punch Man workout will enhance your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. And there’s no question of that; these are all tried and true exercises that have been around since muscles were invented.

What are the Cons of the One Punch Man Workout?

Well, let’s face it, we’re not talking huge variety here – it’s the same workout on repeat – so boredom will become a factor for some, seeing as most people would recommend you start with 30 days straight, or the One Punch Man Challenge as it is affectionately called, this may get tedious for some.

Also, if muscle size is your thing, the One Man Punch might not be your bag. While it’s sure to help with weight loss, toning and sculpt a pretty decent body, it can’t hope to reproduce the mass-building abilities of weights.

Plus the ‘every day’ aspect of this workout is a bit crazy, not to mention counter-productive. All of our muscle groups need days off to recover and those days do as much for your strength, endurance and general well-being as the days when you’re One-Punch-Manning everything in sight.

So forget the 7 times a week; start with 3 days and build to no more than 4 with a rest day in-between.

Oh, and work your way up. There are no set rules here but start with 10 of each and a 2km run. Or maybe 50 push ups, sit ups and squats with a 5km run. Break into the 100 rep sets once you are ready to tackle this workout routine head on.

Some swear by the One Punch Man workout, others swear because of it. One thing’s for certain, the One Punch Man workout is currently punching well above its weight with a huge international following.

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