03 Apr 2019

Fitness Industry Careers - What's Right for You?

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Want a career that’s fun, flexible and challenging? Fitness might be right for you. 

Step into fitness and choose a Fitness Career that's right for you.

There are loads of career paths in the fitness industry. If you’re motivated, committed and willing to put in the hard yards, you can go a very long way, and maybe even achieve some fame in the process.

Fitness careers can be very financially rewarding for those who work hard. If you have an entrepreneurial flair, there are plenty of opportunities for you to start your own business or branch out into something new and exciting.

Outside of creating your own job, there are a few roles within the fitness industry that are extremely popular. These include:

  • Personal Trainer

  • Exercise Therapist

  • Personal Trainer (specialising in children and special needs)

  • Studio Trainer

  • Group Outdoor Personal Trainer

  • Tourism Fitness Instructor

  • Gym Franchisee

Become a Personal Fitness Trainer

This is possibly the most common entry-level position in the fitness industry, probably because it’s so broad. There is a huge variety of personal trainer roles, including one-on-one training, advisory-only roles and even sales roles.

You can work almost anywhere, either through a gym or simply taking your clients to the park. Some personal trainers choose to specialise in group training, outdoor training or studio sessions such as spin classes. There are multiple job opportunities for personal trainers around the country thanks to the fitness boom Australia has been enjoying.


There are huge benefits to choosing personal training as a career in the fitness industry. The most immediate benefit is flexibility. You can choose where to work, and what kind of work to take on. If you work for yourself, you also have a lot of choices in the type of clients that you decide to take on.

Additionally, you can enjoy some seriously high-profit margins as you advance through your career. Once you start experimenting with add-ons such as eating plans and independent exercise plans, your career can really begin to skyrocket.

Become an Exercise Physiologist/ Exercise Therapist

Interested in a more specialised career path? Exercise therapy can lead you to work with a range of very interesting clients. From wounded combat veterans to disabled children and the elderly, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a huge impact on someone’s life.


There are loads of stories out there about exercise therapists who have absolutely changed someone’s life and wellbeing. Whether you’re working with an injured sports star or a troubled teen who needs an outlet, there are plenty of great benefits to working in exercise therapy.

Of course, not every client will need extreme levels of assistance. Some days will be prescribing knee and ankle exercises. Other days might be assisting someone gets back on their feet after a long period recovering from injury. The role can vary, and that’s what makes it great.

Also, the pay can be absolutely outstanding.

Become a Group Fitness Instructor

One of the major advantages to group exercise qualifications is the ability to run awesome group classes, both indoors and outdoors. There is a huge range of studio classes available, including boxing, spin classes, and a number of body weight classes. On top of that are kettlebell classes and barbell classes, all of which require fairly extensive safety training and leadership abilities.

Of course, when you’re running a class, you’ll need to make sure you’re on top of your own fitness – there’ll be a lot of eyes on you.


There is a stack of benefits to getting qualified to run group classes. Once you can handle multiple clients at once, you can easily double, triple or quadruple your income – plus more. Running classes with ten participants mean you can offer a lower price to attract more people while still walking away with more money for the time spent doing it.

You open your career to opportunities including running branded events, such as Zumba. In addition, you can also quickly expand your personal brand by having face-to-face time with far more people. On top of that, it helps your employability – a gym is more likely to take you on if you can manage group fitness and studio classes.

Travel the World with your Fitness Career

This is the dream job. Imagine being able to do what you love, in locations that people pay thousands to be in. Getting into tourism fitness can be tough. You need to be dedicated and good at what you do, as well as having the right connections. But if you fulfil those criteria, you can have an incredibly exciting and fulfilling life. It is combining work with the ultimate lifestyle, and what's best is that if you continue to grow.

Tourism fitness instructors can work just about anywhere. From hotels and resorts to cruise ships, you’ll find yourself in amazing exotic locations training the kind of dedicated people who work out even while they’re on holiday.


There are plenty of awesome perks to being employed in the tourism fitness industry. From working in tropical paradises to travelling the high seas and stopping at every port in the Mediterranean, it can be very difficult to have a bad day.

If you want worldly experience while also having a load of fun, then this is the career choice for you.

Own a Gym Franchise

Running your own fitness business or gym franchise is the dream for so many people. It is incredibly hard work and can take years to get into a comfortable, profitable state, but once you’ve done that – you’ve made it!

This is the ultimate goal for many people who are just starting out in their personal training careers. Build up a base of clients, treat them well, keep them, and gradually work towards renting a space and filling it with equipment.

If you want the skills to manage your own gym franchise, you’re going to need some management education. Balancing the books, managing insurance and dealing with employee-related issues can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing, so get plenty of experience before you dive in.


The benefits of owning your own gym franchise can be immense, but the trade-off is tough. You’ll have early mornings, late nights and a lot of stress in between. The risks for a normal business are immense, and for the fitness industry, they can be even greater. If you can make it as a gym franchisee or the owner of your own branded gym, you’ll be set up for life.

So, What's Your Decision?

Like the sound of a career in fitness? It doesn’t suit everyone, but for most people who get into it, it can be extremely rewarding.

Get in touch with us to have a chat about your options. We’ll help you plan out your career path and get exactly where you want to be. 

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