02 Nov 2017

Healthy Thirst-Quenching Alternatives To Water

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Well, that’s actually not entirely true. Most things are, at least, part water.

We humans are about 60% water and if we could drink ourselves in a crisis, we probably would. Rocks hold water, as do strong arguments, yet both are completely undrinkable.

Right now, you’re training like your life depends on it, and you’re sick of boring old, tasteless water, which is understandable. Be it tap or bottled, water simply isn’t a thrill a minute. We drink it more out of necessity than for any sensory experience. However, if you’re on a strenuous exercise or bodybuilding program, water is still the basic fuel to keep you going.

In this article, we’ll offer you some unexpected yet equally thirst-quenching alternatives. One thing to remember with this list: quenching a thirst doesn’t have to involve tipping your head back and pouring something liquid down your throat, as you will soon see.

1. Avocados

An acknowledged super-food, avocados are also a dumpy little superhero when it comes to hydration. And aside from their quenching qualities, they’re bursting with vitamins and fibre for an all-around healthy treat. 

2. Watermelon

At 92% water, you have to give the other 8% a lot of credit for holding watermelons together. Cubed or munched straight off the skin, watermelon is a genuinely refreshing and tasty option.

3. Chicken Breast

At 69% water, chickens are a drink on skinny legs. Amazingly, all that delicious white flesh only loses a fraction of its water content when cooked, so you get great taste and refreshment.

4. Hamburger

Now you’re interested. You’re probably more used to seeing hamburgers appear on the high cholesterol menu than the drinks menu, but at 60% H2O when cooked, lean ground beef is basically chewy meat-flavoured water. 

5. Lettuce

Lettuce is even more waterlogged than watermelon. Only 5% of your average lettuce leaf isn’t water, which might explain why they become such a damp squib after their use-by date. Eat them when they’re crisp and delicious, outer leaves first, inner more sturdy leaves second.

6. Oatmeal

About as dry as rocks in its packaged form, oatmeal sparks up remarkably when combined with water or milk. Bit of a cheat, but who cares if you’re sick of drinking water and want to have it hot with a sprinkling of brown sugar.

7. Rice

Also as dry as it gets when raw, but small, white orbs of concentrated water once cooked. One cup of cooked rice is about two thirds water. Not a bad option when you have such a range of tasty choices to tart it up with.

8. Yoghurt

Packed full of healthy bacteria and calcium, yoghurt also boasts a whopping 85% water, so it’s the creamiest of thirst quenchers. Go for Swiss-style yoghurts rather than the Greek versions as the latter is far lower in water content. 

9. Tomato Juice

Ah, at last, something you can actually drink. While it might not seem all that refreshing, tomato juice has the perfect combination of sodium and water to keep you nicely hydrated.

10. Coconut Water

We’ve saved the best until last. A recent Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise study found coconut water to be as good as sports drinks for replenishing fluids during training. But wait, there’s more! They also found it to be better for rehydration than good old H2O. 

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