09 May 2019

Have You Thought About Fitness Apps?

Fitness Trends

If you’re thinking big about the future of your fitness routine, it might be time to think small, very small. Why?

Because your next great exercise program might not be found on the floor of a massive gym.

And it may not be in a fifty-strong fitness class. Indeed, it might be right there in your hand.

Smartphones are a mesmerising mix of good and bad. Yes, they’ve changed the way we live, interact and shop. They’ve turned talk into texts and shops into online shopping carts; they’ve turned patience into demands for instant gratification; and they’ve turned most of us into heads-down, uncommunicative zombies.

None of this is too endearing. However, once in a while smartphones do in fact come up with something smart. Free apps for fitness are that 'something.'

If you love the social side of fitness, these apps might not be for you. However, if you’re big on convenience, this article might kick start a whole new approach to working out., training programs, and meal planning.

Here are a few of the most useful fitness apps.

MyFitnessPal - Track your diet and exercise

When it comes to monitoring all the nuts and bolts of health and fitness, MyFitnessPal might well be your best friend. For a start, this handy app can put you in total control of your calorie intake. A daily food diary automatically calculates both the calories and nutritional value in your food. The app even has a barcode scanner.

With MyFitnessPal, you can log exercise versus diet and compare the calories you take in against the calories you burn.

MapMyWalk – track your walks and find new routes

Walking is one of the nicest, most passive ways to improve your health and fitness, particularly if you’re starting out or recovering from injury. MapMyWalk allows you to turn a good old-fashioned walk into a high tech undertaking.

For starters, you can track distances, pace and times. But it gets far better than that. The app allows you to record elevations and calories burned. Moreover, while this is essentially a walking app, it’s also effective for running, cycling, yoga and cross-training.

7 Minute Workout – intense exercise for the time poor

While this app claims to be suitable for beginners, 7 minutes of intense cardio and bodyweight exercise will send your heart rate through the roof, so check with your doctor first.

The app comes complete with voice and video instructions to ensure you exercise correctly and offers fast, furious workouts if you can’t get to the gym. And of course, this is great way to track your progress.

30 Day Fitness Challenge – up your exercise levels for 30 days

With plenty of variety and a program that gathers intensity as your fitness grows, this is an excellent app for those who get bored easily. With handy workout reminders, training progress records and a range of workout options, this is a nicely varied way to train effectively at home.

Are fitness apps the way to go?

If you’re time poor or can’t face another gym membership, chances are health and fitness apps will cover your short term fitness goals; it’s sure better than doing nothing.

In the long run, nothing beats real advice from real people. Gym instructors and personal trainers are there to maximise your fitness level and ensure your routine doesn’t plateau. Your phone can’t tell when your body needs to work harder, and workout apps may have a use-by date as a result.

If you’re serious about taking your fitness to a whole new level, why not get paid to train? You’ll find a range of nationally recognised fitness courses if you click HERE.

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