18 Dec 2018

How to Become a Fitness Influencer?

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Fitness influencers, advisors, supporters, are all the rage in this health-crazed age. This is great news for you if you have something worthy to offer.

Here are some tips to on how you could become a fitness influencer.

Find your specialty

What’s your niche? Which areas of fitness are you particularly knowledgeable and adept in? While you might want to be all things to maximise your reach, choosing a specialty can work better in the long run.

The fitness market is huge, so don’t worry about specialising in rehab workouts, HIIT workouts or workout clothing; if your product is good and you do your marketing well, you’ll get the business you need. In fact, chances are you’ll do far better than if you try to be some sort of fitness emporium.

If you’re not sure what to focus on, do the research; what’s selling well? Is there room for another player? Can you improve on the current offerings and steal large chunks of business from competitors?

Get social

In this day and age, you’re probably not going to walk streets sticking homemade ads in letterboxes. You’ll find most of your clients online.

How do you find them? With a well organised and active social network.

Facebook is a great place to start. But don’t use your personal page with all your friends and family private stuff; create a dedicated fitness page with fitness-related posts only. Update it regularly with tips and news to show you’re a fitness mover and shaker. Place ads to generate followers.

You can also add LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to your reach and online footprint and link everything back to your website. What website?

A functional website

Your fitness website will be the hub for all your online business. This is where you’ll do the bulk of your selling and most of your social networking will link back to here.

A big word of advice: impress.

Visitors to your site will decide if you seem professional in about 5 seconds. If your site looks cluttered, unprofessional and unwelcoming, they’ll be gone.

Clean, symmetric lines; big, quality photos; short, punchy headlines and copy; easy links to all your products and services; easy paying options; that’s what you need on your website.

No, it won’t cost you the earth. You’re not looking to reinvent the website design wheel; just find a decent designer who can give you a simple site that wins.

Also, look at page load speeds. If your site takes an age to load, you’ll be waiting for an age for customers.

Blog like your life depends on it

Because it does. Great, keyword-rich content is one of the best ways to bump up your SEO, get ranked highly on Google and draw new visitors to your site.

And remember, you don’t charge for this content, it’s provided to your site visitors free of charge. Why? Because it builds tremendous goodwill and positions you as a thought leader in your field.

The more people return to read your latest post, the more people will start filling their shopping carts.

How do you make an income?

First and foremost, by selling your expertise and/or merchandise; be it via diet and fitness programs, food, clothing, shoes, supplements etc.

You’ll probably also generate a decent income from sponsored posts. These are ads that relevant companies place on your site to leverage off your traffic and they pay rather well once you’re established as a well-visited website.

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