14 Mar 2017

How to Instruct Les Mills Classes

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Want a globally recognised fitness certification that enables you to work in gyms, health clubs and fitness facilities all over the world?

Discover the benefits of Les Mills training and find out how to become a Les Mills Instructor in 3 easy steps.

What is Les Mills?

Globally renowned, Les Mills is the world’s largest provider of choreographed group fitness classes, distributed to health clubs all around the world. Comprised of 14 different class styles, Les Mills ranges from high intensity interval training through to youth exercise.

How can I Become a Les Mills Instructor?

Step 1 - Study a Certificate III in Fitness

As with any form of fitness instructing, you need to first be qualified to train and instruct others.

By undertaking a SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness, you will develop the key skills and knowledge you need to deliver freestyle, pre-choreographed and circuit-style training sessions in a gym or health club.

During your qualification, you will gain a firm understanding of anatomy and physiology principles and will be able to provide healthy eating advice to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Step 2 - Find a Facility

To deliver Les Mills classes, you need to be associated with a licensed health or fitness facility that offers the specific workout program you wish to teach – whether it’s weight-based training like Grit Strength classes, or aerobic-based workouts like BodyCombat.

Once you’ve found a facility that offers Les Mills training, you will need to contact the relevant Group Fitness Manager and enquire as to whether they would be willing to endorse your training. By endorsing you, your chosen facility agrees to provide you mentoring throughout your Les Mills training and provide you with the opportunity to practice your workout routine within their facility, under the supervision of a trained Les Mills Instructor.

Step 3 - Les Mills Training and Certification

Once you have secured your endorsement, you will need to book into an Initial Training Module within your chosen Les Mills fitness program. At the end of your training module, you will be assessed, and if successful, will be able to attend workshops, purchase class music and book into Advanced Instructor Modules.

Once you have attended an Advanced Instructor Module, your competency will be assessed again. If successful, you will be qualified to work as a Les Mills Instructor. Alternatively, instead of attending an Advanced Instructor Module, you can opt for video certification. This means submitting video evidence of your training abilities under guidelines as outlined by Les Mills.

As a Les Mills Instructor, you will be able to work worldwide – this globally recognised qualification gives you the opportunity to earn while you work out wherever you like.

How can I get Started?

Learn the foundations of fitness and instructing with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers’ Certificate III in Fitness.

This qualification combines online theory completed at your own pace with 23.5 hours of face-to-face practical training, guided by a qualified AIPT Mentor.

Call the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers on 1300 616 180 to get started today!

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