11 Jan 2017

How Much Time Should I Spend Studying?

Study Advice

Balancing life and study is one of the key concerns for new students.

Here are some tips on how to organise your study schedule.

Do I need to study every day? When should I study? What if I don’t manage to study for a whole week? If these are some of the thoughts that keep popping into your head, you’re not the only one but there’s no need to panic. Getting the life and study balance right can be easy as long as you bear a few fundamentals in mind.

Tip #1: Create a personal study schedule

It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but it’s a good idea to have a calendar set aside just for your studies, showing deadlines and due dates so you can see in advance when one is coming up. If you think the course deadlines are too far apart, set your own shorter ones for individual segments.  

Tip #2: You do you

Everybody’s different when it comes to study so be realistic with your expectations of yourself. You know how you operate at your best, and there’s no set rule for how much time you should spend studying and when. Make sure you’re setting yourself realistic goals, which can be small, bite-size study times if that suits. You’ll feel good when you accomplish them.

Tip #3: Don’t beat yourself up 

If you have a bad week, or miss a scheduled study time, don’t be too hard on yourself. With AIPT, you can study at your own pace, which means you don’t need to study every day. You can make the time up when you next get a chance.

Tip #4: Set yourself study time slots 

These can be quite small (say, 25 minutes) and dotted throughout the week at times you know tend to be a bit quieter. Make sure you also have a quiet place to study. The best time and place could well be in the gym before or after a practical session if the gym’s not too noisy.

Tip #5: Reward yourself 

Every time you accomplish something, such as finishing a scheduled study session, or completing an assignment, give yourself a pat on the back and perhaps a little treat. Studying should be fun, and a little incentive never hurt anyone! You’ll find yourself happier to fit in more and more study time, too.

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