29 Mar 2018

How to Plan your Gym Workout?

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You’ve had your fitness assessed by the resident gym instructor and they’ve created a great workout program based on your fitness goals. Yet, something’s not right; after a brief burst of enthusiasm, you haven’t been back to the gym for three months.

Not only is that a spectacular waste of gym fees, it’s three months that could have gone very differently if you’d only been a bit more honest; honest with yourself, honest with your gym instructor and honest about what’s fun.

Fitness isn’t punishment for something you did in a previous life; if it feels that way, you’re doing something wrong and there’s no way you’ll be in it for the long haul. Your workout routine needs to be fun, has to suit you and has to be something you look forward to.

So how to plan your gym workout routine or general fitness program for success? Here are 5 ways to get your workout working for you:

One: Don’t let your workout be routine

Perfect your workout routine

Some gym instructors have a one size fits all approach to fitness. You want to lose weight; they’ll give you the same bunch of aerobic and light weights exercises they gave the last person. You want to gain muscle mass; cookie cutter program of high weight, low reps coming up.

You don’t want that, and you don’t have to accept it. If you try an exercise and hate it, say so. Gym instructors are paid to do a job, and they’ll do a job on your enthusiasm if you let them. Read how you can achieve your fitness goals with the right workout.

Two: Get personal with your own exclusive trainer

This is absolutely the best way to make sure your workout is both effective and fun. A personal trainer is exactly that; your own private expert qualified to design tailored programs to keep your eyes on the prize.

Discover the 5 things every Personal Trainer should know to work professionally and efficiently in the fitness industry!

Three: Make it a habit

While that might not sound like fun, sticking to regular exercise times and places builds a strangely addictive sense of purpose and reassurance.

Do it consistently and exercise becomes part of your very being; a soul-enhancing experience. And that’s no joke.

Four: Keep your finger on the pulse

Feeling like things are tapering off a bit enthusiasm-wise? It might be time to tweak your program and add some new exercises.

Don’t sit on the same workout for too long or your fitness will plateau along with the fun factor.

Five: Focus on form

How to plan your gym workout?

A badly performed exercise is about as ugly as a badly sung song and will have you more than cringing; in fact, it’ll have you wincing and limping in no time.

Exercises often have complicated instructions about arm/back/leg placement and exact arcs of movement for good reason. Good form maximises results and minimises the risk of injury. Don’t stop there. Train with a friend for extra motivation. And don’t seek perfection as there’s no such thing. Keep your expectations and goals within the realms of possibility, and don’t make them too distant. You’re far better off with a smaller goal for three weeks’ time than a big one for three months.

Achieve, pat yourself on the back and move on with a new goal.

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