27 Jun 2016

How to Become a Zumba Instructor

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Want to get paid to instruct Zumba classes? 

Find out what you need to become a Zumba Instructor in 5 steps.

What is Zumba?

A combination of low and high intensity workout movements, Zumba has become globally renowned for energetic Latin beats and a miscellany of energetic dance choreography, including hip-hop, samba, salsa and mambo. 

With classes available in over 180 countries at over 200,000 locations, this global fitness phenomenon offers you the chance to work all over the world.

Benefits of Becoming a Zumba Instructor

Great for earning a self-employed income, keeping fit and gathering with a group of new friends, becoming a Zumba Instructor will place you at the forefront of the party.

With over 15 million people a week attending dance-fitness classes across the globe, you will always have an energetic audience ready to work out. 

But, how do you Become a Zumba Instructor?

1. Experience Local Zumba Classes

Visit surrounding Zumba fitness classes in your area to gain an understanding of different teaching styles and get a feel for what is involved in the organisation and execution of a class.

If possible, meet and chat with your future fellow Zumba Instructors – this is a great network to start building up (and it’s likely that you may have to call on them at one point or another to cover your class).  Think of your fellow Instructors as support rather than competition – they can give insight into class instructing, as well as tips and tricks to keep your participants motivated.

2. Become a Qualified Group Exercise Instructor

Similar to Pilates or yoga, Zumba is considered a specialty training program. This program builds upon your knowledge of group exercise instructing, enabling you to specialise in choreography and deliver signature dance fitness classes.

Before you enrol in a Zumba certification, you need to attain a general group exercise certification such as the SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness - Group Exercise Instructor. This fitness qualification will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to deliver group exercise sessions to a variety of age groups and fitness levels. 

3. Choose your Zumba specialty

As Zumba is a trademarked exercise program, you need to be licensed through the Zumba Academy before you begin instructing. Whether you’re seeking a basic entry level course (Zumba Basic 1) or specialise in a certain fitness field (older adults, kids, aqua fitness or step aerobics), you need to attend Zumba training and attain a licence. This will enable you to put together your own routine and deliver a professional group training session.

Choose from the following Zumba fitness qualifications:

  •  Zumba Basic 1

  •  Jump Start Gold

  •  Zumba Toning

  •  Aqua Zumba

  •  Zumba Sentao

  •  Zumba Gold

  •  Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr

  •  Zumbini

  •  Zumba Step.

4. Find a Location to Teach

Local gyms, fitness clubs, cruise ships and resorts – when it comes to instructing Zumba classes, your locations are plentiful, so start the search.  If you’re starting out, you may find the easiest option is to start by checking out some of the big name fitness clubs in your area (think Fitness FirstGoodlife Health Clubs or Genesis Health and Fitness). As these larger fitness facilities offer an array of fitness classes, Zumba will likely be offered, and if you’re lucky you may be able to jump on board.

5. Have your Legalities in Check

When you become a Zumba Instructor, you will be subject to a range of legal requirements, so you need to ensure you have the correct documentation for class record-keeping. This includes attendance sheets, incident reports, waiver forms and insurance. Additionally, if you are going to be reselling Zumba Wear or other merchandise, you will need to have a reseller licence.

Make sure you have your legal boxes checked before you begin, and all that’s left to do is set up shop. For more information on legalities and responsibilities as a fitness professional, discover the importance of fitness insurance.

How can I get Started?

Become a qualified Group Exercise Instructor with the SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness - Group Exercise Instructor. Delivered by the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, this nationally recognised qualification will teach you the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, and will provide you with the knowledge needed need to deliver freestyle, pre-choreographed and circuit-style sessions to a variety of age groups and fitness levels.

Once completed, you can enquire about getting your Zumba Academy certification and you’ll be one stop closer to becoming a fully qualified Zumba Instructor!

If you still have any questions about how to become a Zumba instructor, give us a call on 1300 616 180.

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