08 Sep 2016

How to Train as a Personal Trainer

Personal training

When it’s time to train, you need to ensure your routine is helping, not hindering.

Instead of slogging out the kilometres on a treadmill or completing an impressively high rep count, train as a Personal Trainer would and do it effectively and efficiently.

During your next workout, adopt the mindset of a PT – not only do they have the best tips and tricks to help you achieve your body goals, but they ensure the exercises you’re doing will benefit you with long-term results.

So, how do you train as a Personal Trainer?

Go harder, not longer

The ticket to a sculpted physique is not only in your exercises, but the amount of effort behind it. Like a Personal Trainer, you need to simplify your workout – skip the high-rep count or excess time working up a sweat during your hour long cardio session and go harder. Increase your weights and focus on building your strength (and toning up) with shorter repetitions of heavier weights.

Correct technique, always

If you have poor technique, it doesn’t matter how long or hard you work out for – you’re still not going to see the results you want (not to mention placing yourself in the danger zone for injuries). Personal Trainers focus on good posture, engaging abs, keeping their shoulders down and elongating through the spine.

It’s also important to remember that Personal Trainers favour correct technique and control over speed. Rushing through exercises is not conductive to achieving results – keep it slow and steady, ensuring you complete each exercise correctly.

Always stick with a plan

Whether it’s to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle, all health and fitness goals require a plan – you can’t wing your way to positive long-term results without having some consistency in your workout routine. Put a plan in place for achieving your goals – work out how many days you need to exercise, what exercises you need to do and re-evaluate your current health and lifestyle habits. Treat your plan like a daily schedule, track your progress and keep your motivation levels high.

Have a backup plan

If you’ve ever walked into the gym to find every piece of equipment you need is occupied, then you understand the importance of having a backup plan. It’s what prevents you from a half-hearted workout (or worse, turning around and walking back out the door).

There is always an alternative exercise you can do that will allow you to continue your workout program without interruption. For example, the lat pulldown machine may be taken – so opt for assisted chin ups, seated rows or dumbbell rows instead.

The right foods = the biggest results

Lastly, if you’re going to train as a Personal Trainer would, then you need to make sure you’re fuelling up with the right foods. Avoid consuming too much processed food and stick to eating a diet full of nutrient-rich whole foods. The more you know about nutrition, the easier it becomes to plan and prepare balanced, healthy meals.

Interested in more than just training like a PT? Becoming a Personal Trainer is an active and exciting career for those looking for something more than the usual 9 to 5. 

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