10 Jul 2016

Kate Fitzsimons Success Story

Student Success Story

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Hi, my name is Kate, and I am the Director of Nicole's Foundation, a small, family-run charity.

Would you Recommend AIPT to Others?

With so many Personal Training institutes on the market these days, I know how overwhelming it can be to try and pick the right one for you - but I can save you all the searching effort and reassure you that you won't go wrong signing up with AIPT. Having recently completed Certificate III and IV in Fitness online whilst juggling endless travel commitments with my full-time role, I couldn't be more impressed with how flexible the delivery of this course was and all the valuable support the AIPT team provided. Any question I had along the way, they'd be there to answer it. This made me feel like I wasn't just one of many students but that I mattered - something I think that makes AIPT unique. All course modules had up-to-date and relevant content, and the experience I gained from the practical component of training real clients in a real gym alongside my mentor was priceless. I thought I was passionate about fitness before starting this course, but my time with AIPT has taken it to a whole new level along with my confidence in being an amazing Personal Trainer!

What are your Plans for the Future?

I also am thrilled to announce we have been named in Westpac's Top 100 Women of Influence in the Young Leader category for 2016! It's very surreal to be recognised alongside such phenomenal women given Nicole's Foundation is such a small, family-run charity, but that it shows that size doesn't matter when you do things with your heart, size doesn't matter!  You can learn more about the awards here. As you can imagine my parents are as proud as punch, but none more proud than my big sister.

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