30 Jan 2017

How To Build Muscle

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If you want to build muscle, there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration.

Ensure you’re equipped with everything you need to increase your muscle mass and improve your training routine with these top tips.

Keep a strong foundation

You don’t need to fill your training session with Olympic lifts to see results. Increasing the strength and mobility of your core muscles will help progress with muscle building, and in turn increase the amount you can lift over time.

Challenge your core muscles (the stabiliser muscles around your shoulders, hips and midsection) with medicine balls, yoga balls, resistance bands and exercises with rotational movements, such as battle ropes and lifting.

It’s not all about the weights

Muscle building requires more than just a set of dumbbells and a routine of heavy lifting – in order to build up your strength, you need to be incorporating exercises that mimic everyday movements.

Mix up your workout routine with functional muscle building exercises such as tyre flipping, lunges, squats and stair climbs.

Timing is key

Once you’ve completed a workout, it can be tempting to continue on the go without taking time to refuel – but, if you’re aiming to build muscle, what you eat and when you eat it is essential. At the end of your workout, you need to be replenishing your body with nutrients as soon as possible, especially when it comes to protein intake.

Always have a post-workout recovery mix in your gym bag (the sooner you drink it after a workout, the better) and ensure you refuel with a protein-rich meal as soon as you can. Find out more about the best types of protein powder here.

Don’t underestimate your rest

A solid training routine needs to be partnered with active rest periods. This helps your body to recover and your muscles to grow. On your off-days, engage in active rest practices like rolling on a foam roller or getting a massage to help your muscles relax and get your blood flowing.

Consistency is essential

Finally, maintaining a regular exercise routine and a clean diet is paramount. Consistency is the difference between seeing a little improvement and experiencing major results. Keep your training sessions filled with short bursts of high-intensity exercises and partner your workout with a diet rich in protein, carbs, good fats and fresh produce.

Want to learn more about muscle building? Discover what you should eat when strength training.

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